An unique indicator of “how I judge my health” or male health in general
- The Dickie Doo Award.

There is a great truism in China “Pang Ren Qiu Dian” which I have spoken of over the years – Fat man have small penis, and this is actually not “scienticially” true in that the size of your belly doesnt have much to do with the actual size of your wang.

HOWEVER, it does have a lot to do with blood flow down there for males – that is a fact.

And it’s a fact, that as my girlfriend once laughingly remarked in bed to me “Honey, why do slimmest guys have the biggest dicks”?

Blush all you like, friend, but we all know it’s true, much like we all know the X shape, being able to do a lot of pull-ups, having very little fat around the lower abs, sides is what everyone WANTS.

Corrugated Core, and some of my other products serve that specific niche.

On that note, I should say “plus the aesthetics” of it, if the belly is too large, as Rueben once told me when sending me the “Dickie Doo” award – “when you’re too fat to see your dick when you look down in shower” – LOL.

Rueben was – is – shall remain – CLASSIC.

But for me, with all my other unique health indicators, I use one to test myself all the time.

That being this – how “horny” I stay – or do I wake up every morning with a raging BONER.

Sophia once complained “You’re always so damn horny!”

Well, I can’t help it honey – I’m not going to get into why here.

But, point is this my friend – it aint got nothing to do with age either, if you aren’t waking up regularly with a hard on, you ain’t fully “functioning” if you get my drift.

Lots of men dont, have erectile dysfunction and such.

To have that animal like LUST FUELED VIGOR is something you have to HAVE to understand.

Abstaining is part of the key.

But for purposes of this site, banish that fat belly if you have one is the other key and more important one. Look, I never had ED when “fat”, but  remember, I was dong – no pun, lol – pull-ups etc even then (but no excuses, I was fat – period) …

I did NOT however, have the X factor back then, I dont mean x SHAPE there, I mean mentally (though I didnt have both).

Napoleon Hill spoke about the power and magic of sexual transmutation that the MALE has (not females, as they aren’t wired that way – men are) – in Think and Grow Rich, and it’s true, only someone who has experienced it can attest to it.

Most real doers HAVE.

While I’m not going to get into specifics on that here, suffice it to say that the more “lust” you have – at any age – as a male – the more of an achiever you are in life, its a fact that as Hill said, most successful men are “highly sexed”.

And they are…

Maybe thats why they’re mostly all divorced multiple times. Hehe. Hey, Nature made us this way!

Nah, I’m not “condoning” infedility of any nature, I do however think the whole “marriage” – the way the “term” changes previously great relationships for the worse, the expectations placed on all parties – needs to be reexamined, but hell, what do I know…


Thats that.

To achieve that “animal like vigor”, my friend, you have to MOVE like an animal for one, live like one, fast like one, EAT like one, and so forth.

And we’ve covered all in the recent past except movements, which you can find here.

Thats that!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Dont be surprised if your significant other or others starts making complaints about “you’re too horny” as opposed to “why the hell can’t it stay hard” once you get on the workouts above. Hehe.

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