Flip flops, safety – and what the hell constitutes a dang rip off anyway??
- Lots here, son!

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There’s a lot of shit I want to cover in this email, I’ll do a video up on it later, maybe. For now, the last topic “rip off” is what I wanted to cover for multiple reasons – but I got segued into other topics too…

OK, so “flip flops” – I love ’em, wear ’em everywhere I damn well can though I should NOT be wearing them everywhere I damn well can, hehe – especially not in this here neck of the woods I live in.

A pushup guru (I wont name him here – because I’m not sure he’d want it, though chances are he would not mind at all) once made a video I viewed part of a long time ago about “why real men – or safety conscious men – or both – dont wear flip flops every damn place”.

Now, despite my love of flip flops, his video hit home, and I Agreed with it, I was saying the same dang things to myself before I even viewed his vid which I ain’t heard fully either, but I KNOW what dude said.

Look, safety wise, flip flops are the shittiest things to wear, whether you’re a man or a woman. Most accidents happen close to home, and doing shit like I did – wearing flip flops while hiking with Carol once, and the damn things broke on me – no wonder – and it was raining, sweaty, slippery – and I was in China at that point (though roads pretty safe, no glass etc there, but aint no tellin when something will hit ya, as it just did NOW) … and I remember Carol saying.

“What will I do in this case!”

I told her to leave my ass there, hehe.

Of course, and rightly so, she wouldnt, and didnt, but point is this – you can get attacked – mugged – or just in a damn fight or accident damn near anywhere, it’ll happen when you dont know it, when you dont expect it, when you dont fuckin see it, and my daughter who just asked me out the door “Dad, why do you always check everything first” (quick look I always take) – well, there’s a REASON behind it.

No, I’m not top secret CIA. I have no plans to turn into Jason Bourne, though I love the dude, and Matt Damon (Ben Affleck too – damn good actor I feel).

But the bottom line is the bottom line, SNEAKERS are what I’d wear everywhere – not boots necessarily, but sneakers, coz them damn things allow me to MOVE best, and in a fight, your MOVEMENT is the most important, and if you’re fighting a truly trained fighter, your movements will be a dead giveaway to him or her (though admittedly most idiots attacking or otherwise picking fights on the road are trained in nothing but BULLYING).

Dude said in the video if you do that, you’re an idiot and pansy – or something to that effect.

I agree.

Mea culpa hehe. Maybe I’ll learn when someone kicks my RUMPUS in dem flip flops one day, but really – as a stone hit my foot walking back home…

Anyway, security.

I remember my friend Vincent once telling me how he was paid at the school we both taught at to furtively “spy” on me – not to see how I taught, they all knew I was excellent, but to see “if I was teaching”.

Way too many idiots take the job, dont do it without being monitored, so I get it …

… Being from the Marines, I can just imagine him doing it through his binoculars.

When dropping the daughter off ANYWHERE, Ive got this CARDINAL rule, despite her hating it at the age of almost 10 of WATCHING the area and making damn sure it’s safe before I leave.

She doesnt want Dad to show up at all – she’s that age.

It’s also a very vulnerable age, my friend.

And to do it – I hide – often in trees – literally, so she dont spot me. Hehe.

This evening I told the ex wife about it, she complained I didnt wait “hidden”.

I told her obviously I waited, I hid, I do all those things without  her even telling me, obviously it didnt make a damn bit of difference, water off a duck’s back, so I went back, checked again (I was asking her to check this time being the “caring Mom” she is but she would not) – and saw instructor there, so …

Its a rough mean world out there. You got kids, take damn good care of them – and it dont mean pampering them excessively either.

Anyway …

What the hell exactly constitutes a rip off?

This morning, Dustin (who placed a pre-order for Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness) and had questions about how he addressed his rep count – I thought I’d address those practically – and I did here – made some very sage comments!

One, about how ONE of my one arm “club” videos looks “so like Brooks Kubik on the cover of one of his books” – I think I know the one he is referring to, and hey, I had the same damn thoughts man!

Two, Brooks, man, guy’s a legend and I still remember those emails I exchanged with him back in 2003, I couldn’t “match up” – hehe – I’m saying that in a respectful manner if I bulked up times 10000.

OK, maybe I could, Ive bettered masters before, but true mastery means acknowledging another master, which Brooks, and I dont say this about very many people is a true legend – RESPECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I still remember him asking me if I was in the military that first time we spoke.

More on the Advanced Hill Tranining Page. No sir that was NOT an intentional taipo, that one is though, and both shall remain

Anyway ……..

I keep getting compared to Matt Furey, whose a marketing legend – I consider him a legend in that more than anything else.

I still remember John Walker when we first communicated (a long time customer) telling me “I’ve never seen products like yours out anywhere else – except for Matt Furey, and you take it to the next level altogether”.

Which I do.

A while ago, and I forgot to address this, but it came to mind NOW as I see some nutter with man boobs “supposedly doing pushups” out there – he’s grunting more than doing anything – a fat fool I wont mention here made the comment about me “ripping Matt off”.


My products are unique my friend, now they may cover SOME of the same exercises Matt’s do, but ripping off? Thats a far, far stretch.

IF someone can provide one logical reason – or justification for this, and I’m sending this out PUBLICLY to all that have bought from me – please do so!

Second, what the hell does a rip off constitute?

Ripoffreport.com contained whines from Matt Furey’s customers saying “he ripped them off because his handstand product was being offered at a ridiculous price and they only got this”.

Typical Bozo price wanker comment, I remember chuckling when I read it, how the hell is that even a rip off?

Lots complain Matt “stole” from Karl Gotch, there’s even a letter out from Gotch on the internet claiming “he’s fat and a snake oil salesman”.

Admittedly Matt put on the pounds in the middle, hehe, but as for everything else I’ve no idea of the veracity of any of it, I simply report what I’ve found on the internet.

But I’ll stick with the rip off part.

Ripped Karl off?

Hell, Matt was the dude responsible for naming exercises that have been around in India for ages and never quite till this date gotten their damn DUE – “Hindu” pushup etc.

I dont know why he named them Hindu. Maybe because thats the dominant religion there…

I dont know why he focuses so much on China – I think the sales part, the part about China having so much mystique and thus forth, but China got most of what they have from India – which is a fact.

Anyway (maybe because his wife is from there? I dont know – I personally think its sales, him being the sales and marketing GENIUS he is) ….

If anything, regardless of Matt’s shape then, now, or whatever – I  will always give him credit for bringing those squats and pushups to the attention of the entire WORLD  or whirld as Furecat likes to say, I used to be on his list a long time ago.

Customer once told me “thats how it is, Matt Marketed them and made money off it – Karl didnt” (he was telling me how Gotch was basically (and again, this via research, I dont know anything “personally” about all this) pissed Furey ripped him or whatever) …

And I gotta agree 100%. Ain’t nothing wrong with marketing yourself and your abilities, which is what Matt did at that point and continues to do – you SHOULD be fuckin doing it – RIGHT – and you should be fuckin letting the world know about it – as I’m SO good at doing. Hehe. Repeatedly. Over and Over again.

Thats life, and it helped scores of people all over the world, I for see nothing at all wrong with what Furey did.

And this brings me to #3.

Me, ripping anyone off is a fuckin joke.

Hell, in my book 0 Excuses Fitness the FIRST part of the exercise section before the pushups, pull-ups, and all that SAYS it clearly.

I clearly tell you Matt didnt create these exercises, but HE gets the credit for bringing them to the world, and I’ll always say this publicly because it’s true, I aint worried about lost sales and other crap like some have mentioned privately, which I get, but to me its about like I said the other fuckin day, staying TRUE to myself above all, and I dont really give a rat’s goddamn about anything other than that.

If you copy someone’s work directly without crediting, thats plagiarism.

I remember a Brit prof of mine once giving me a F on a paper I worked on for that, which shocked me, but TECHNICALLY he was right.

I forgot to include where my quotes came from!

Silly, drunken mistake, and he’d probably have forgiven my ass if I hadn’t given him pure hell all semeter, hehe – including (he was one of those old farts that had a smart mouth) asking “was it (something he was Tom Tomming) present on the plane that took him from ole Blighty to MS) … I still remember the entire class ROARING with laughter. Hehe. Lots gave him hell! None more so than this CAT though, hehe.


That, you could say is plagiarism, but someone who promotes an exercise that has been around for years in his own damn country if you get my drift, someone who publicly acknowledges everyone that has brought it to the world BEFORE him, well, to call that “rip off” shows the level of dudes (his) non existent pea brain – and of course, dude never bought what he trolled.

Which he can continue to, of course, I wont even mention the fucker anymore, because he’s just too dangit STUPID to be mentioned here.

But that, my friends, are my thoughts on that, very public, so shall they remain.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I invited you to show me where pull-up products like mine exist, or which go that DEEP into this mighty exercise. Thats just ONE damn example.

PS #2 – This idiocy, moronicity – can be taken to new levels -it’s sort of reminding me of why I never talk to the ex wife about nothing at all “no logic whatsoever, and real men discuss facts and logic, not stupid childllike emotional tantrums”.

Por ejempelo, and yes, there is a reason I asked my daughter to learn Spanish – hehe – she just taught me how to say “what is the time” – (not to mention yours truly can speak it anyway, but pretends not to, lol)  – are we to say that Rahul Mookerjee ripped Jean Claude Van Damme off because he christened the split, something which I’ve never seen anyone better JCVD at the “JCVD split”?

Thats there is Advanced, Profound, Isometric and Flexibility Training. 

Or, did I rip Jack La Lanne off by calling the pushup that? (Personally, I’ll stick with what Tyrone Eric told me “Habib humping the floor” pushup  ie “floor humper” pushup – hehe) …

I mean, the idiocy is just fuckin outstanding …

Now, another reason for naming those exercises after them?

Well, they’re no longer with us – Jack La Lanne isnt as far as I know, neither is the Gama and so forth, now JCVD – long live his martial arts skill and him, hehe – is – but for the most part, I’ve got this odd thing in my brain telling me “these sort of titles are best bestowed upon folks postumously”.

You could argue that, and I wouldn’t say much against it, but maybe thats why I dont call the diamond pushup the Herschel walker pushup, although I’ve got a sneaking suspicious HE does ’em better than most others out there, much I do pull-ups better than most others out there, like I do the floor humper better and so forth.

There’s always someone better out there, friend.

You damn well better keep practicing or else, anyway. enough said. Damn, that was LAWWWWWWWNG! But apt, sage and true. Pat on back for reading it, and me for writing it. Yours truly, humble as always.. ????


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