My sinful gluttony
- MY!

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You guys have been seeing pictures of nothing but baked, super healthy, super tasty food on youtube as of late – minus even the wheat flatbread and clarified butter I so love to eat.

It’s been veggies,veggies, veggies – along with a healthy dose of spice – butter (white butter, not the yellow kind) – lots of golden corn, and today – some home made mango pickle which seems to FINALLY be ready.

After the last couple of “hellatious” days I’ve had, I deserve it.

But for some reason, I was starving like a SOB even after that (today – I dont normally).

Had a couple of “Danish” chocolate chip cookies – they did not hit the spot.

Then, I started my real “sinfulness”.

Tore open three packs of chocolate chip “oreo” cookies – the kind with chocolate inside, not vanilla – and dumped them into the jar meaning to eat ’em later.

Lo, its like half and hour since I tossed the wrappers, and the damn things are down my gullet already!

I never thought I’d want that many, but given these damn things – and these aren’t home baked, these are commercially bought off the shelf are literally as addictive as cocaine, and given I ain’t touched a cookie for like … what? 3 years? Something like that – I went to town on them. Still am, munching on one as we talk!

Now, where does this leave the average Joe who consumes these daily?

I remember eating 2 packs of them with milk tea after a swim back in the day. No wonder I wasn’t losing weight

It’s an impromptu cheat day for me, which happens SO rarely for me that I will get away with it – I’m sure.

But SUGAR my friend – I mention it as the #1 culprit to be avoided in the Simple and Effective Diet, yours gratis with the 0 Excuses Fitness System – and it’s TRUE.

Avoid it like the plague if you’re trying to lose weight, and even if not, if you’re looking for a healthy lifestyle overall.

I rarely have any sugar at all – this is the first time in years.

And if I do notice any ill effects, I’ll fast it out tomorrow.

But I know now why the wife tries and keeps the daughter from them cookies, hehe.


I might bake some of my own!

With all the cooking I’ve been doing, and what I’ve got planned – I might well start me another channel which I was reserving for my travels, but we’ll see. No such plans as of now, for now, it’s the 0 Excuses Fitness Channel here

ANd that is that.

I truly do, as Dominique once said “need a smack on the butt today” for OVEREATING big time. I dont feel guilty though, that cold shower coming up will get the digestion kick started!

And plus, you can get away with it once in a while,  just not daily or even weekly…


Rahul Mookerjee

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