Visualization and more….
- And how to do it right (more on it)

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This afternoon, I ranted. Raved. Threw a hissy. All mentally, having conversations with idiotic folk and situations in general in my MIND.
Lots of folks think “he’s crazy for talking to himself”.
Self talk is one of the powerful pick me ups and motivators ever.
It’s also true that beyond a point ranting about situations you can’t change, people whose thinking you can’t change – things completely out of your control – is pointless, utterly so.
Exhausted, I lay back in bed.
Suddenly, a vision floated to me.
It was me in an airplane, traveling internationally, something i haven’t done for ages it seems. Ugh.
But, it wasn’t just the trip. It was random images – the flight taking off, the markers, how they were illuminated against the ground, how i FELT at that point – the last being key.
All positive situations, positive travels – and some songs from the 90’s probably helped me get into that mood.
Napoleon hill and others have spoken about “bathing in the old,glorious memories”.
I’ve always done that subconsciously when I felt stuck in any regard, and sitting here with no power for like two days,man… (And water issues too).
My mood shifted in a bit.
I didn’t even want to get out of the memories – so good were they, the FEELINGS, some very poignant…
Nothing specific, no pattern. Just images with FEELING floating into my mind … That last bit Is key.
Simply thinking about it doesn’t cut it.
FEEL it intensely.
Relive the experience. Be it. Literally!
Including the smallest details we think we miss, out subconscious minds don’t though.
That’s how to make visualization work for you my friend – an open secret we all use, most wrongly mentioned in the opening part of zero to hero. 
Crack it, and you’ll understand why I and every doer is nigh HUGE on this being the first step in anything you do.
Actually it already is. Chances are you don’t recognise it tho!
And that’s that.
Rahul Mookerjee

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