Intermittent 48 hour fasting – the best way.

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There’s no one best way for anything, of course, but fasting is something I cannot recommnd highly enough, have spoken of in the past, and well, everyone – regardless of whether or not you need to lose weight (note – NEED – if you’re fat, it aint a matter of WANT) should do it regularly.

Work into it and all that, do keep working out during it, I’ve spoken of all that before.

But today I’ll cover the best way I do it – which is – well, intermittent fasting which has worked, and continues to work wonders for me.

I dont even mention weight loss in my case, because I Already GOT my weight where it is – without doing much fasting at all – just a lot of those WORKOUTS – but once I did, I started trying fasting, and really got into it last year, and this, and continue to get into it at a very high level altogether.

This entire month of July, I’ve eaten like 11 days thus far I believe.

What I’m known for doing is going on long fasts – without anything at all except water and lots of green tea (occasionally coffee, but thats RARE if at all).

And breaking it like a tiger, with a huge meal.

And not necessarily all meats either, though I did that last year as you can tell from some of the youtube videos, but excess of anything isn’t good, meat included.

Yesterday I added in the sinful indulgences I wrote about.

Now …

I’m thinking of fasting AGAIN today.

Saturday and Sunday were FULL fasts for me. until Sunday night.

Last I ate was Friday night, so thats a 48 hour fast – give or take.

And this is what I do most of the time these days.

I Follow that up with three days of eating, then perhaps 3 days of fasting again, then I break the fast, then I do the 48 hour fasts.

I could go longer on all these occasions, but I dont always. Last I did was it early this year – 7 day complete fast.

I Truly believe your body needs some time to get used to all the food you put in it after 48 or more hours of not eating anything “in survival mode”.

And I think the way I do it, eating BIG after a fast, and lots of the unhealthy stuff too sometimes – well, it gives my body a chance to dump all that unhealthy shit out the next day – no pun intended.

Result, I feel even more transformed than if I Were to eat “just healthy” and “ease into breaking the fast”.

I do it the way of the tiger.

I recommend YOU do too.

My ex keeps complaining about being dizzy etc (remember, the woman who claims “you’re fit if you pop out four kids” – despite the FAT around the midsection for said woman and her utter laziness, she’s unwilling to even bend to pick something up or squat etc) – with “three meals a day”.

Look, put less into your body, friend.

And you could go on longer fasts, but it’s not required – what I recommend is either 36 or 48 hour fasts for most people.

Done very regularly.

Research the eating habits of those who consider true fitness gurus, and slim etc, and healthy, and you’ll see what they do.

My product The Simple and Effective Diet contains a lot of useful information, but fasting, hell, I need to put a book out on that too. Maybe I will soon. Lots to write about – but remember, the above is yours truly free “gratis” with a purchase of the 0 Excuses Fitness System – which truly, “as they said” is the best damn bodyweight fitness system out there, “nothing even comes close to it”, and therefore if you’re truly into fitness, yes, you DO need to get that – NOW.

And uh, thats that …


Rahul Mookerjee

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