Quitting out of frustration at pull-ups?
- I get it ... Hey. I done been there, done that too!

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Pull-ups, man. Everyone wants to be able to do them – in sets, reps, slow and easy, all the way up, all the way down ,yet, most people either cannot do it, or do it WRONG.

And I’ve seen so many otherwise well intentioned trainees who’re doing great keeping their weight down, or trying to, doing great at working the legs etc – just simply up and “quit” at getting better and better at pull-ups.

Hey, I can relate.

Story from my own past – at around the time I wrote “Pull-ups – from DUD to STUD – within a matter of WEEKS! – it was tough for ME to get my chin over the bar!

The cover shows you my lack of conditioning at that point, though granted, it wasn’t near as bad as a lot of people, because I kept persisting, but persistence will only take you so far if you dont lose that weight around the midsection, ass and body in general.

But I still did ’em, but I remember what a struggle it was to get the chin over the bar – how people commented “you need to do them better” – and so forth (a lot of these idiots being “lookie lous” who sat on park benches and did exactly F all themselves but someone doing the thang…) …

How the old man in China would keep (well, one of them) making the “cut throat” gesture… (this was when I was already pretty good at pull-ups) and so forth.

For a long, long time my friend, just like YOU reading this email most likely, I was shy – and embarassed about my pull-ups.

I was far more confident on pushups.

Remember, this is the pull-up STUD saying this!

Today, as I can comfortably hold a sternum hold for at least a minute, I reflect back on my learning experiences – which for some part prompted the numerous changes in the book above – the current version is far more “verbose” than the initial version.

Now, what did I do to get comfortable getting my chin over the bar?

Naturally less fat around the midsection, yes, but what else?

The real key wasn’t just the above, although it was nigh instrumental, it wasn’t form, it wasn’t doing slow reps, or ladders, it wasn’t even visualization – all of that helped, yes – but it was ONE form of movement that helped the most, my friend – and that isn’t something you necessarily associate with pull-ups.

Once I got better at that form – or HOLD – and no, it wasn’t just the dead hang – and kept improving, voila – things changed dramatically with me keeping the above factors in mind too.

What that one thing is, Pull-ups – from DUD – to STUD – within a matter of WEEKS! will tell ya – if you’re smart enough to spot it.

The secret lies in pretty much every part of the book, yet, much like Think and Grow Rich said, I dont give it away directly because if I did so, you’d be robbed of much of the benefit you’d get if you discovered it for yourself.

And it’s right there out in the open, actually – if you can SPOT it, or are open minded and prepared to work hard what I tell you to do. Way too many folks want “instant results”, that wont happen, sorry.

But it’ll happen quicker than you thank – hehe – if you do the thing right and regularly.

And, until I incorporated this little gem of an open secret into my training – NOTHING changed for me. Frustration kept piling up, I did not ever quit, but I got the feeling “I’m not ever going to get beyond a certain point at this exercise”.

I know a lot of YOU have that feeling too.

And therefore I’m telling ya.

Once I did what I’m referring to – voila – it was like the FLOODGATES opened…

Read the book, dont just read it once. My manuals are not meant to be read once and forgotten. They’re meant to be read for years, thumbed through repetitively – theres wisdom upon wisdom in the words that will hit you in a new manner with every reading you do, the more you practice, the more you’ll understand and draw meaning and inspiration from what I say – in practical terms, which is what COUNTS.

Ok, all for now. I can relate to the feeling – been there, done that – tossed it away, and so can YOU!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – If you’re already pretty good at pull-ups, cranking out sets of 10 in good form – then youre ready for the next level – Pull-ups – from STUD to SUPER STUD within WEEKS!

Lots want to get this book first. (before the first one).

Please do not.

There’s a reason for the progression. You dont turn into David Goggins overnight, even he did not.

Get good at the basics FIRST. Really hammer those into the ground, and never stop doing so, and only then – then and only THEN – get the advanced book.

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