Why you shouldnt – and I never have – worry about competition
- Competition is good.

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Napoleon Hill is fond of saying “no-one succeeds alone. You take others with you”.

And it’s true, my friend – ask any real achiever in any field that – they will tell you.

Goddawg, as I write these damn emails, I realize I’m writing another Gumption Galore! 

Well, actually Vol #2 of Zero to Hero

But those 51 tips are actually 101 – if you read between the lines.

THESE might be 201!

Or more…

But anyway, someone just (just now) asked me what context I was referring to in my last email in terms of Vince making the “keep something in the backpocket” statement.

Well, friend, he was referring to when he bought the companies out – which wasn’t a direct plan, it just happened – and how he said it was a question of who would burn out first – us or them.

They did.

They ran out of creatives, talent etc – Vince always kept something in the back pocket.

From someone that grew up rough in a trailor, those lessons die hard.

Lots of other useful tips he gives without meaning to in that podcast, including reinvesting everything he had in the business – I do that till this date though you dont know or notice a lot of it (very long term).

And, how when he BOUGHT out folks – before he did that, people laughed at the “kid with no money” (he had literally nothing then, those guys were multi millionaires) having the sheer audacity to even TALK about buying them out.

Thats Vince MacMahon saying that, mind you.

Look at what persistence got him.

It can get YOU places too, if you so choose.

I Can tell you personally and attest to firsthand the value and importance of persistence, and have in all my emails.



Competition, eh?

Lots of folks here anxiously scan my site – even the trolls and nutters to see “what he’s been up to”.

and, his new means, ways etc.

They repeatedly sign up for my youtube after I block ’em … Hehe.

And its like clockwork, I put a video out, some idiot will put one out on JUST that topic tom tomming his ability to do it better (hint – most can’t even begin to do what they ape).

Which is fine.

You can attempt to copy Mozart all you like my friend. Its a badge of honor to be honest to have a long list of folks trolling me and copying me, I dont mind it, I make money off ALL of it, and will continue to watch movies all day and wake up until noon if I so choose, because I can. Hehe.

But bottom line, and Jeff Bezos said this too.

Its far better to focus on the CUSTOMER – in Vince’s case his audience, than the competition.

A trick most people miss, despite claiming they dont.

Know your OWN audience inside out and what THEY want.

And thats the ticket.

Politicians in their emails dont market or email lukewarm prospects.

They do to THEIR – RED HOT – base. I mean those so into them that they’d storm the Capitol if asked – literally.

There’s a lesson to be learnt there, no, not the actual storming itself.

The success of WWE, Amazon etc stands testament to this fact.

Persistence, and focusing on their customers got them to where they are today.

To the point a lot of Amazon customers, myself included for years, wouldn’t buy off other sites if paid to, despite me knowing the subconscious programming they “put on me”.

I enjoy it.

Same thing with my base here.

And my own business mentality.

Doesnt mean I Dont occasionally check out what “competition does”, but either for chuckles, or just to mentally pat ’em on the back – way to go friend.

I’m not, and never have been in the least bit worried or lose sleep over competition, including the hordes selling at way lower prices than I do.

Not in the least.

My prices are going up even now and they will continue to.

So, if you want to buy a product before the price rises again *ouch – hehe* – nows the TIME.

Last, sure, you can’t have a crap product, but I’m secure in the knowledge mine stand head and shoulders above all else in the fitness segment. IT’s neve been about what I can do better than the competition, though thats obviously part of it, but way too many idiots that dont sell less than a fraction of what I do, if even that worry about “he’s doing that, look, Mama, I did this better!”

It ain’t about that. They wouldn’t realize it though if a brick fell on their fat heads to tell ’em that (fat as in sense) – or if I wrote it out plainly as I am here.

In the other one, there’s no real competition even …

And thats that. (no I didnt buy the competition out there. I did not put them out of business. They simply aren’t doing it, I have been for years. ).

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

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