Always have something in the back pocket…
- Amen, Vince.

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In his award winning book Shantaram, the tale of an Aussie expat and his (illegal from a visa standpoint) adventures in india for like over 20 years, I think? And that was just the start for the mofo named Greg Roberts … he talks about how a street fighter always has SOMETHING he keeps in reserve.

He dont mention what that thang is.

But, beaten to a bloody pulp in a brutal Indian prison (they’re as brutal as they get till today) – starved almost half till death (literally) – he got into a fight with another inmate, and gave it his all.

He was whipped till he almost died.

True story with some embellishments as Roberts himself will tell ya.


When he finally got out of jail – where he was put in for NO crime, held without bail for months on end – he looked at himself, made a vow to himself “I aint never gonna let no-one do this to me again”.

Thats actually what I wanted to write about initially, hell, and this will be music to the ears to the trolls who complain my tips books are “nothing but emails I send out” (fuck – do that make the value any damn less? I no think so my friend!) (could be me speaking, emailing, so what?) (as a reviewer once rightly said, Rahul’s life travails make for a great learning experience) – anyway, maybe all this will make it to Zero to Hero – Volume Two!

But thats one thing.

I done made that vow to myself years ago, many moons ago (no I wasn’t thrown in jail or beaten to less than a pulp).

I actually took the cops to court and won.

Anyway, thats different – Vince Mc Mahon, owner of the WWE, a man I very much admire, was on the Steve Ausin podcast years back.

And I remember listening to that SOB (the podcast) (I do many times, Austin has some great shows) and how Austin was saying “you bought out all the damn entertainment, now, the talent isn’t quite what it should be, the show isn’t, yet, people have no choice”.

he was right.

But, Vince was right(er) in his two responses.

One, there will never – although folks are STARTING to get real again – be another Attitude Era anytime soon

That era, our generation brought up in the roaring, rip roaring 90’s was SPECIAL.

Right down till the movies we watched – which I watch till this day.

We had that X factor, a lot of us.

And as Vince said, a lot more ambition than folks today.

despite folks having social media etc today which can help them immensely, that generation achieved way more than millennials etc.

But anyway, company wise, he made the sage remark “we dont have competitors in sports entertainment – but we do on TV”.

He’s right again.

Think about it – till this date, they compete, and successfully so with pro football, and many other things on TV, and come out on top.

Wrestle Mania is still a thing…

Old school.

Though Vince, like any smart businessman has “adapated to the times” as it were. Different time now, as he says.

Anyway – the comment I want to talk about?

When he was asked about no entertainment SPECIFICALLY in the “wrestling” if I can call it that, niche.

He agreed.

But then he said this.

“I always kept something in the back pocket, Steve”.

I had to!

And, though the context is wider here – including how he bought the company on the dollar (the competing company) and such I remember thinking “street fighter” when I saw that.

same thing my buddy Aaron and others have said about me over the years.

And, “youre a goddamned survivor”.

Proud to be one, friend.

Remember one thing, my friend.

Life wise, fitness, ALWAYS have something in reserve – that X factor, even when all seems gone, you have SOMETHING you conjure up.

Which saves the day.

The Russians did it in WWII …

And fitness wise, when it comes to gas in the tank that never ever runs out, the 0 Excuses Fitness System will build exactly what I’m talking about above.

Become a winner in the game of life and FITNESS, and lets face it, BOTH go together TODAY, my friend.

And thats that – back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

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