What constitutes REAL selling.
- Most dont know that.

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Selling isn’t half as easy as most make it out to be – those that have never done the damn thing, as usual.

My father used to bitch about sales all the time “cushy job” he claimed.


If that were true, most CEO’s wouldn’t be focusing on one thing above all – sales.

Sales, my friend, is the lifeblood of anything – and we sell each other daily on things whether we know it or not – every fuckin interaction you have with someone is, guess what, a SALE in a way.

At THAT company I still remember executing botching everything I sold spectacularly well, which is a gripe I’ve had for a long time, thus I finally just quit IT “jobs” and started my own company there too – long story.

I shoudl say, my sales and biz development jobs which had many perks as well… (in IT ie web dev).

But the way most people think “put it out there and they’ll come” aint the way.

My former publishers on the other biz are probably till this date guilty on that one (hey, they are great guys tho!).

Neither is throwing shit against the wall and seeing what sticks – thats outlined clearly in our affiliate applications for a good reason. That pisses a lot of wanna be’s off – so be it.

I dont – we dont – want that type around here.

Selling isn’t putting something – then something else – then something else – on some site, and then claiming “you sold” when something “finally” sells.

Selling is MAKING the sale happen actively.

Want another example?

I had my products on Amazon for years before the current imbroglio with ’em, and other than paid advertising which I did like a sum total of three times, and not ONCE for the other business, my sales have been fine there – and rip roaring for the other business, without doing – get this – a shred of “direct” marketing on Amazon.

I shit you not.

Amazon’s customer base and their reputation – or should I say, customer feeling which they’ve spent over 20 or more years dinning into their most loyal customer’s subconscious is the reason those sales, or most of ’em happened.

Some of those guys wouldn’t buy any other place than Amazon if they were PAID to do so. Hard as that might sound to believe, it’s true.

Yes, my other efforts helped, but they weren’t the main driver – THERE.

Now here on MY Site, all mine yes.

Until I become as well known as Donald Trump that is. Hehe. Or, as rich as Bezos!

Until then though, all my efforts here…

And thats real sales.

Like Marc the African Silverback Gorilla once remarked about me, a guy that has built multiple brands for him from scratch, fallen, risen, rinsed, repeated (we were talking about women) …

Without sales, and learning on the trenches, or in – getting hit by plenty of “live fire” – sink or swim – I’d never have made it past first or quarter base…

This isn’t me putting operations down. You have to have a good product as well.

But SELLING it is the hard part.

And throwing shit against the wall and seeing what sticks isn’t the way, as those that do have no doubt learned.

I show you what to do in each of the lessons, stories, whatever in the 10 Commandments of Successful Sales, which actually contains more than 20 lessons if I were to completely flat out honest.

Have at if you so choose.


Rahul Mookerjee

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