Real world fitness

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Yesterday I was walking back from the beer store – who questioned with the amount of beer I guzzle, how it doesn’t show and how I stay so fit …and why I don’t just get cases at once instead of walking to the store all the time. (Daily).

Great questions! The first two I’ve addressed galore. The last?

Well,part of staying savage. I can’t run as much as I used to because of my leg injury so now I walk like a maniac all over town. Did that last Saturday, a 13 km walk which took me to the hairiest part of town where the vibe was “stay away from this mofo. He’s crazy”!

You know you’re doing something right fitness wise when you can feel that sorta of respect from tough men and women, hustlers and fellow savages.

Part of why I don’t own a car is why David Goggins doesn’t. Same reason above. Forces me to walk long distances even if I can run and don’t “want” to. I simply have to. No choice. And that’s how I like it.

Yes,I got everything delivered by the case in China but I had the hill and four long walks there!

Walking back, I spoke with one of these guys pushing and selling fruits on a cart. Brutal job, out there in the heat, rain, pushing and walking all day. Most are fat. This dude isn’t.

He knows me from a young age apparently, and smiled when he saw my beer.

“Do you drink” I asked him.

No bad habits. No smoking, drinking – but I have a lot of clarified butter – the genuine stuff – daily.

And it shows in the X shape he has. As I wrote about on the other site (do a search) – clarified butter is great. So are natural data despite what the so called experts say. There’s a reason the wrestlers in India guzzle tons of it.

I do everything, I laughed – and he laughed back.

Well, not everything. I’m just a huge beer enthusiast. And I love me a good smoke.

Never got into weed – it never even affected me when I tried it. Rather have regular tobacco.

Certainly no hard liquor which I hate. Vodka sometimes with lime but that’s it.

Diet which most would consider horrendous. As opposed to his.

Yet we are both in great shape….

See the connection?

I said my goodbyes and then walked down the road. Crossed it. And behold – the guy – who was standing there with his cart when I left, I hadn’t seen him move – was there too!

I’m sure a carrier piegon didn’t drop him off either.

That’s real world functional fitness for ya.

Quicker than me with that huge cart. I didn’t even see the dude move! Man, you’re fit I wanted to tell him. Haha.

Like our ancestors did, walk long distances out of compulsion. Push, pull all day long not for reps, but to survive all day long.

Carry heavy objects all day



And so forth.

Get back to the basics. It’s how you stay sharp. And in the modern day world, getting away from gadgets, gizmos, and useless machines at the gym and getting back to what our Creator intended us to do ie work with our own bodyweight is what does it for you physically.

Stay lean. Stay mean. Stay hard. Maintain that edge. Stay savage.

It’s what life for a real man, we are all born to be warriors – is all about.

The 0 Excuses Fitness system will give you a flying headstart in the right direction.


Rahul “Gengis” Mookerjee

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