Fakes that write about it but don’t or can’t do it.

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I have no respect for this sort. And there are many, they come in various shapes, sizes and avatars.

Fat doctors telling their patients how to live a healthy life, giving idiotic lectures on the dangers of tobacco, liqor etc (government regulations in certain countries that require graphic pictures to be put on top of cigarette packs – while they promote flu shots and other nonsense – really – you think that shyt will stop someone that wants to smoke? It has the opposite impact. Maybe they know this?) …

Fat nutjobs promoting their version of “it’s fine to be fat” fitness and those that Tom Tom a different body type when they’re in reality one thing – BLUBBER. True, we all have different body types. But there’s simply no excuse to be fat and have excess weight around the midsection – period.

Then a pet peeve – idiots in the fitness world who wrote books on pull-ups – yet can’t do a single fucking one themselves. I can’t tell you how pathetic it is to hide behind someone else doing them “because he’s so good at them”. True, business wise different team members have different strengths. This particular guy did what he had to make money – but the Universe sees all my friend, and the level of respect he garners in the fitness community in general says it the fuck all.

My life is an open fucking book – not so much the good part – but the grind, the nasty stuff that is unavoidable but noone wants to talk about. It will always be that way.

Put it out there on the busiest fucking highway in the world like Goggins rightly said. I’ve done that by default all my life.

Then you have these idiots that write books on motivation, overcoming adversity, rainbow after storm bullshit etc – when they’ve never been there themselves.

I know this one idiotic fat lady running on treadmills because it’s easy but won’t do the hard stuff that helped out a friend with a hundred or so bucks when he needed it. Minute she gave it (apparently more than what he originally asked for), from what he says, despite him giving her a return date she was on his ass indirectly “oh my! My moneyyyyyyy!”. Finding every excuse to badger him, chat to him, half hoping he’d give back what he apparently very reluctantly accepted from her since he knew that sort of shyt might happen.

This lady runs around the world living it up in 5 star hotels globally. Has all the money in the world via a rich second husband that she never worked for. Probably drove her first husband to death too with her attitude. Wrote a book on overcoming adversity etc, promotes it daily. Even asked ME to do it (I haven’t).

Yet, a hundred or so bucks – the amount she whined to this guy (a coaching client) – finding every excuse in the book from emotional crap like “my hard earned moneeeeeeee” to “I need it to procure a death certificate for my ex”( poor guy) to “she’s asking” – to whining about “Covid did this ” (it has nothing to do with it) when in reality she could lose ten times that amount tomorrow and it wouldn’t even affect her financially.

Now I told the guy she’s right to want her money back.


When you help a man out – either fucking go all in or not at all is what I’d tell the woman, whoever the person is.

If you don’t want to, don’t.

But don’t do it to make yourself feel better and then “regret” the decision instantly. That’s pathetic. Most importantly, remember if someone asks for assistance – there is a reason.

It’s easy to write about being compassionate, having faith etc.

Doing is where the rubber meets the road, where most fail.

Nothing of that nature in Zero to Hero! , Gumption Galore, and the 10 commandments of Successful Sales – or ANY of my fitness products.

I DO first. I grind for years. Then I bring to you what works. Simple as that.

Then idiots who claim to love stray dogs,yet won’t let the dog in their house.

In India, “dhobi ka kutta, na Ghar ka na ghat ka”..

“Washerman (or woman – in India “dhobi” or “dhoban” refers to males or females that wash, iron etc for a living)s dog – Neither here nor there” – as I see the poor dog running around everywhere, tail wagging, desperate for more than a few crumbs, desperate for family. I know how that feels. For years I felt the same way growing up.

Don’t feed the damn thing if you don’t want to.

But if you do, you owe it to the dog to not just throw it a few crumbs so you can feel good about your fat self  – but to give it what it deserves – love and affection. As my Uncle said all those years ago, the dogs come to you (and my younger cousin at the time) not so much for the free biscuits but the LOVE you give them. And he was right. It pisses me off to see morons on social media petting stray dogs then going about their way. Go all in or not at all, idiot.

Last but not least, a rash of joinees on this list that clearly are here just for the free stuff and never have any intention to buy anything. If that’s you, you know who you are – you’re just fucking pathetic man if you’re just haunting this place as many do to “see what’s new”. More than pathetic. Like the gawking Rihanna fan that pays a premium…for what? A glimpse of her ass on stage amongst millions of others and then she’s gone. I know a lot of you feel I’m a celebrity, far above you – truth is, I ground myself to a fine dust to get there and continue to daily. And if that’s you reading – please have some self respect and unsubscribe now before I boot and ban you the fuck off the list…

And thats that for now. Back to the grind.


Rahul Mookerjee

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