Big biceps in general don’t mean shit.

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Size in general doesn’t.

Looks sure don’t – though the X shape, the lean and mean corrugated look – these will come naturally if you put in the right grind – sort of like money eventually comes if you GRIND hard enough.

You guys probably remember me giving away my 10 kg Indian club a while back. Although most people – including the guy who took it (arms double my size, worked heavy machinery when he was younger – he’s a bit younger than me now, perhaps – 10 years?) – can’t even swing it, it got so easy for me at a point that I wanted a much heavier one and a different kind.

Always challenge yourself. Simple.

So today he sees me on the road, starts by talking about “does your wife know you have x amount of girlfriends” – “you walk past, you don’t even talk to anyone, look at girls, yet they’re all looking at you as you walk past- like a movie star”.

I’ve heard this so often. I almost yawned.

Yeah, it’s true, but so what?

But anyway – I did a very long video on that on YouTube about “big biceps don’t make you an alpha anymore than a big dick does”. Or good looks which you were born with. A true alpha is a true leader. It comes from within. The vibe. Which is basically what attracts women to me despite me doing my best to avoid them.

Do watch that video. It’s far easier to say it than type it all out here.

But fitness wise, guy wants me to help him.

I looked at his belly , told me to get rid of it.

How he asks. Gym?


Do sets of pushups and squats throughout the day. It’s amazing, the guy rides a bike slowly all day, but he’s still in such poor condition…

But I want big biceps he went.

I groaned internally. Told him to grab a barbell.

Dumbbells, he replied.

Ah yes. It’s easier.

His colleague is another gym pumper that cannot swing clubs.

I asked him why.

But we aren’t training to be wrestlers, was his answer.

The real reason for the biceps?

The girls he can’t get or believes he can’t.

It’s so fucking stupid. All these poses people do with their best body parts, usually back and shoulders, showing themselves off at the best angles on IG – wtf is the point???

You still call me, the consummate alpha loner a movie star and can’t do half of what I can.

He ignores the fact that his “small biceps” weren’t a hindrance when operating heavy machinery. One of the toughest things to do out there.

No, but the looooooooook!

Look, man.

Focus internally. Mind, body – everything.

Training the external is superficial. It all comes from within.

And that, my friends, is the bottom line.

Watch the video for more…


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Search for the video. I’m not interested in spoon feeding you the link.

And if you’re truly interested in building massive biceps that are actually strong, then pushups and pull-ups are the way to go, with squats being a basic baseline.

And that’s that.

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