Are pull-ups not real world, “necessary”?

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It’s amazing the amount of excuses and retarded self justification folks will come up with to avoid the tough stuff – what they can’t do. The vast majority of sheep out there are like that.

I’ve never understood that attitude.

Give me something I can’t do, I’ll do it better than YOU.

Show me someplace I can improve – I’ll DO it no matter what it takes.

This morning I woke up to a text about pull-ups from a guy who can’t do them due to excess weight around the midsection – though he’s admitted that, so fair dinkum there…

He was showing me other folks (not in the shape to do them themselves) whining about pull-ups not being necessary, real world, and other crap.

Most people, including him think it’s ok to ignore what you can’t do, and focus on what you’re good at.


It’s about the weak links.

Strengthen those beyond belief.

Beat the crap out of the next guy in your worst day.

And pullups not being “necessary”?

You gotta be a complete buffoon to even think that my friend. The Seals, Marines, elite athletes, anyone in good shape – pull-ups are the gold standard, the litmus test of real world strength.

Not functional?

Let’s see you get in a wrestling or even street fight – hand to hand, you PULL the other person towards you. It’s one of the most masculine things you can do – grab with that unnatural grip which comes from hours of hours of doing pull-ups.

Monkey bar work. Not natural? Give me a break man. You might not need it in your daily life at this point like you need bread, but neither do you “need” to get out of your car and lose that belly you’ve got do you now?

Don’t be a pussy and make excuses to avoid, ignore what you cannot do.

Get good at them.

My courses on pull-ups – beginner and advanced – will get you there.

And that’s that.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – We are having temporary trouble with the site buckets again. If you pay, but can’t access the download, shoot me an email. I’ll fix it.

PS #2- Some people write books on pull-ups yet can’t do a single one themselves . If that’s you, you’re pathetic regardless of how much money you have made. See the other post on fakes. Goes for anything in life. Not just pull-ups. Be it YOURSELF first. Then preach it.

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