The biggest problem with people today

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Dear reader.

Do you know the biggest problem facing folks today in terms of getting fit?

It’s not lack of information, and not lack of gyms or other commercial facilities to train. It’s NOT lack of access to outdoor areas, although that can sometimes prove to be an issue.

And it’s most definitely NOT the fact that a lot of the exercises that flat out WORK are “secret” exercises. I’m not referring to bodyweight alone by the way – this goes for weight training, aerobics, “Crossfit”, or what have you – anything that REALLY WORKS – and DELIVERS RESULTS.

Last, but not least, it’s NOT lack of time either, despite the fact that a lot of folks work long, grueling hours.

In fact some of the most basic exercises are the ones that really work. Amazingly enough, most folks KNOW about these – but are nigh unwilling to give them a shot.


It’s a four letter word – and it don’t sound pretty – but tis what it is. LAZY.

That’s right. The real problem is that people are LAZY.

Look, folks, a workout does NOT have to take forever to accomplish. Mine usually take between 45-60 minutes tops and that’s being generous.

You CAN get a fantastic workout within less than 15 minutes, or even 5 minutes depending upon your current level of fitness.

Key thing is though to actually START – and NOT procrastinate.

“Ah, I’ll do that tomorrow”, followed by the  obligatory “burp”.

“Pah! Pushups! Those are easy! Why would I waste my time with those!”, from the pot bellied “big guy” on the “pec deck” (guys that would be hard pressed to do ONE rep of some of the exercises I advocate – I kid you NOT).

“Oh, he’s just got good genetics”.

“I wonder if it’ll really work”.

And so forth. Folks actually spend more time trying to find excuses NOT to do the thing rather than follow Emerson’s advice which was to “do the thing and you’ll have the power”.

I talk about this phenomenon at length in my book, and truth be told, there is NO magic pill to solve this particular problem.

You, and you alone can solve it.


Well, simple – – DO SOMETHING! Something – anything – but get MOVING!

And stop making excuses as to why you “cannot”.  I mean, the basic stuff is “easy”, right? Why would you “not be able to do it”?

I could go and on here, but I’ll end this out by saying what I do all throughout my book.


Just do it – and before you know it you’ll be HOOKED.

As they say, the journey of a thousand steps starts with a single step. That one step is all important though, and is what can really “set the bonfire alight” – if you let it!

All for now. If you’ve not yet got your physical activity in for the day – do so NOW without further delay!

Very best,

Rahul Mookerjee

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