I don’t have time

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Excuse #3, folks.


I’m as busy, if not busier than a lot of folks out there and have just as many (and to be quite frank if not MORE) responsibilities as any “normal” person does (and note – I’m not referring to “basement dwellers” here, hehe).

In addition to my main fitness biz, I’m also involved in several other fitness ventures which take up a LOT of time, and rightfully so. I also have a young family, and they need time and attention as well – again, very rightfully so.

And yet, I find time to get it done. I find time to train no matter what.

My workout today took a sum total of 40 minutes.

The workout you’ll see in the workout video takes LESS THAN 30 minutes. And guess what – that’s INCLUDING me talking to you – – and 250 pushups, 50 odd squats and bridging/stationery handstand – – at the END of it.

So don’t give me that “I don’t have time” excuse, “Bubba”. It’s not gonna fly.

And yes, as I often said, what applies to fitness applies to life in general as well.

Ever come across those people that are “too busy” to reply to you while they update their social media profiles almost every minute?

Or those that “never get back to you”, and when they DO get back to you, it’s with the usual lame “Sorry, I was busy” excuse?

Now, note that I’m not saying folks are not busy – but what I’m saying is that it’s common courtesy to reply to people who ask you something. And if you truly ARE that busy, simply respond with “I’ll get back later”. Or something to that effect.

But few people truly are that busy that they don’t have time to do either one of the two things mentioned above.

Those that are usually make it a point to mention it so that the rest of us “common folks” know not to “bother” them, hehe.

Anyway, this is threatening to veer off the fitness slant, so I’ll end here. Off for now!


P.S. – I just noticed that the links on my site aren’t clickable. Hmm… another project to tackle!

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