Are YOU in a state of DENIAL?

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Dear reader,

The vast majority of folks are in a state of complete and utter denial about their current fitness levels. Not only that, but a lot of folks tend to get “defensive” about it when asked.

“I’m a big guy” (a commonly heard statement from guys that are actually FAT rather than plain “big).

“I know all the beer is bad for me, but it’s the weekend”

“Oh, the weight charts are inaccurate”

And of course, in addition to that, out pour the excuses as we’ve spoken about before.

“Mmmhmm, yes, pushups are easy” (this from someone who couldn’t do more than – get this – THREE in proper form).

And how do I know this? Well, I used to be the same way in the past (although NEVER at the levels mentioned above), and though I’m in the best shape of my life at the time of writing this and improving all the time, I STILL need a “self-kick” up the backside once in a while when I start to get that tad bit lazy.

Not often, but it happens at times.

Curiously enough though a lot of women have the opposite problem i.e. a lot of women that are “in shape” (at least externally) think they’re “fat”.  I’m sure THAT one needs no further explanations!

Of course, “being in shape externally” doesn’t matter ONE BIT if your not truly fit – and of course, if your not INTERNALLY healthy.

That last bit counts the most, by the way.

Most folks would measure their fitness by “medically acceptable” standards, some of which I agree with, and some of which I believe are utter TOSH.

BMI indexes being one. Take a truly BIG (as opposed to FAT) person, and you’ll see them being classified as obese when they’re not.

Neither are skinfold tests an accurate measurement of fitness levels. I’ve seen drug addicts that are skinny as a rail – does that mean they’re the epitome of fitness?

Now, obviously the above tests are a general indicator in most cases, but you’d be far better off testing what your body can actually DO – as opposed to what you “look like” or what the “skinfold” test tells you.

In my book, I give you a few pushup and squat routines to complete. The easier ones are tough as heck for most people, and thats  a test right there – but …

BUT, I’m NOT going to give you that test here. In fact, the test I’m fixing to give does NOT involve a single pushup.

What is it?

Well, simple. Get into a position where you make a “table” with your arms and legs, back completely straight, head held back.

This is the beginning position of the “table” pushup, by the way, but in THIS test, you do NOT need to do the actual pushup.

JUST HOLD FOR TIME. Shoot for about a minute, and then report back – especially those of you that ARE overweight but  try to”convince” yourself otherwise that your not (and you know who you are, hehe).

Heck, just shoot for a 30 second hold and THEN tell me – and by the way, you “skinny” folks aren’t off the hook either – this test is for YOU TOO!

How dare I say this, I hear a lot of readers fuming.

Well, fume away, my friend, but I’m not “saying anything”. You DO – and tell me how well you can DO IT.

I remember a time in my life where I could barely hold the position for – get this – more than TEN SECONDS – without my lower back giving up.

You read that right – TEN SECONDS.

Today, I could almost go to sleep in this position.

Give this a whirl and let me know how well you do!

Very best,


P.S.: – Just got done with the “30 rep ” workout. While I have not detailed that specific routine in the book, I’ve detailed plenty more: –

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