What a sweatfest!

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Dear reader,

Oh my! What a sweat fest it was today … and is usually, but the kicker here being …

Well, let me back up a little. Some of you (and especially those of you that have seen my videos) know that I’m currently working out in a semi-air conditioned environment, if just to test how much I sweat WITH air conditioning as opposed to without.

And the very fact that I sweat up a storm daily should tell you just how efficient these workouts at – and how much FAT they burn, my friend.

I decided to do the opposite today i.e. turn off the air conditioning and work out – but I didnt just turn off the A/C “right before” working out.

NO.  What I did was turn it off a couple of hours before working out, and while that might not sound like a biggie, trust me, it IS.

Its humid as heck out here in China (not to mention the actual HEAT – but the humidity is what really “gets” you if you get my drift, hehe) and my living room heated up pretty soon.

Not quite “sauna” levels, but certainly not a room that you walk into and feel “cool”.

I sweated up quite the storm, to say the least. The puddles of sweat will dry pretty soon now that the A/C is back on, but what I want to say, and what I say in my book is that HEAT (and humidity) is something that some of you might need to watch out for while training.

Now, I used to train OUTDOORS a month or so ago, and have actually done that for the vast majority of my training career.

And don’t get me wrong, it got me into great, great shape. At one point I was climbing a steep mountain which took about 15-20 minutes to climb and pounding out 500 squats and 250 pushups AFTER that.

IN THE SUMMER, no less, though I used to train in a shaded area.

However, while the results have NOT changed an iota once I switched my routine indoors (other than the time, obviously) – the “look” I’ve gotten has.

By look I don’t mean “ripped abs”, or “biceps as big as stones”, or “striated pecs” or any of that utter rubbish.

What I should really say is how I FEEL – and this manifests itself in the “external look”.

This might sound strange to some, but believe me, the key to REALLY LOOKING GREAT is to FEEL GREAT – from the INSIDE OUT!

Feel like a billion bucks and the rest will take care of itself, my dear reader.

Conversely,  if you look “great” but feel like crap internally, the opposite will happen.

When I trained outdoors, I still felt great afterwards – but, I felt a bit drained at the end of it.

Right now, I feel as energized as ever – and MORE SO!

My  point in saying this is that extreme heat and humidity should be avoided when training – UNLESS – and this is a huge unless – you’ve been doing these routines for a long time and your body is used to it.

Even so though,  its always good to bear in mind that the humidity does affect you regardless of what level your at. It’s a lot easier to pound out a 100 continuous “wrestler pushups”, for instance, when your doing them in a cool environment as opposed to a hot and humid environment.

My own reps didnt go down any though – but – and here’s the kicker – the TIME did. I actually 5 minutes earlier than I normally do.

So thats today’s tip. Time to put on my glasses (which I took off during the workout) and get back to pounding out that new book, hehe.

Speaking of books – if you haven’t already gotten 0 Excuses Fitness – well – procrastinate NO longer – The Book. 

Very best!


P.S. – I normally wear glasses during my workout as it helps me maintain focus. There’s another tip, fellas. Approach your workout as you WOULD anything serious – and ANYTHING that requires focus!

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