Chained to the keyboard and the 240/7 workout

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Dear reader,

Well, that is quite literally what happened today as I just finished another volume of a book I’ve been working on. Not quite fitness related to say the least, but thats beside the point.

On that note, it’s not quite the “ball and chain” it sounds like, as I was very willingly doing it.

Writing is something as you can tell I enjoy doing which explains the numerous “pieces” of written in the past.

But thats not the point either.

The point being, the second part of the title. In other words, the “240/7” workout, or should I say 24/7 workout, hehe, since I never miss an opportunity to get a work out in despite the “chains”.

In and as of itself, there’s a lesson in that.

What’s that, you might ask.

Well, most people these days are chained – and yes – it’s of their own choosing, but again they’re not chained to “what  you might imagine”.

The vast majority of people that spend a lot of time complaining about their fitness, are, curiously enough those same people who never quite break from the “shackles”, or “excuses” if I may put it that way.

A lot of folks that set goals fail to move beyond the “set” stage, giving up before they even begin. In other words, chained to the “failure syndrome”.

Now, I could go on and on and on here, but I think you get the picture. Look, fellas, rewards in life come to those who DO.

Ladies, if thats you reading this, DO.

Do, and you shall “feel the power”, kiddo!

And so forth.

And of course, if you choose to read and ignore, no skin off my nose, anyway. In fact I’m feeling so zoned out now after MY OWN workout today that I quite literally, for lack of a better term could “care lessssssss”…

What did I do? Well, 240 squats and 250 pushups, but I never did keep track of time while doing them. And I finished within – get this – 60 minutes flat – WITHOUT keeping track of time!

As for the zoned out feeling, I’m pretty sure regular readers can guess as to the reason why.

Yep, you got it. 150 reps of my all time favorite exercise, and I’m “a floating like a daisy in the clouds up yonder”, hehe.

And that, my dear reader is that for today. My forearms feel like they  have been through the meat grinder, so I will end this here.



P.S.: – The pushup workout here shows me in a zoned out state somewhat comparable to, but NOT equal to what I mention here: – Videos

P.S #2 – Oh, and I did a total of 7 different types of pushups during the workout. You can find these, and more right here: – The Book

P.S. #3 – If you’re one of those that actually DOES – well – a huge SALUTE out to you!

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