Tech Issues, and a huge, huge THANK YOU!

Dear reader,

Well, I’m going to “plunge” into my workout soon, but first, a few updates on the tech front.

I got a complaint last night from a Chinese lady (residing in mainland China) who was trying to watch the “video snippets” I’ve got throughout my site. It apparently wasn’t loading at all for her…

At first I was like “huh”? It loaded fine for me, but upon closer inspection, I figured out the issue and then tested with an IP based in mainland China – and YES – she WAS RIGHT!

So before I continue with this post – thank you, thank you, and THANK YOU again, Madam “S”. It’s folks like you that make my day!

This lady was obviously interested enough to actually READ – and then watch the video – and hence the “complaint”. In other words, she actually took the time to write in to me about it and let me know as opposed to the usual “Ah well, forget it” that a lot of folks might say at that point.

Much respect!

On another note, I’ve been receiving way too many queries from people who (sometime despite reading the book) question “why”.

In other words – “why do we need this”.

Well, I’ve gone over this so many times in prior blog posts, the book, and even my old website (which is still up by the way).

And yet – the same questions keep pouring in – and dont get me wrong, folks. Questions are a GOOD thing!

I’m going to put up a short audio clip giving you a very “barebones”  answer as to why. Simple, concise, and to the point – and if you want further detail, well, you know exactly where to look: – The Book

All for now – back again soon.


PS – Believe it or not, I used to be a “techie” back in the day!

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