Rahul’s “Fibonacci” sequence

Dear reader,

Schedule be damned. Rain be damned. I figured I just HAD to make another 20 minutes…

And so I did. My own version of the “F” starts with “<20” as it took me around 18:09.

15, 25, 25, 15, 85.  I’ll let you do the Math.

I think I mentioned somewhere in this blog about being good at Math “back in the day”. The esteemed Doc who I mentioned in that particular blog post would probably be rolling over laughing if he saw this now.

Smart dude, if there ever was one.

Back again later! In the meantime you can either ONE of TWO things: –

  • Make excuses NOT to train
  • Just do it.

The choice is YOURS, my friend.


P.S. – The smart choice to make is to get the videos along with the books. I can tell you so  much more in the videos than I ever could in the “written courses” – Videos

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