Workout #3, and some more updates

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Well, the first thing I’ll get into is the workout obviously.

Those of you that “did the math” with regard to the last post know that I got in about 245 squats and 160 odd pushups (am I right?) in TWO BRIEF – SHORT – and INTENSE workouts this morning!

Took a total of 26 minutes or so, and if you can’t make THAT much time to exercise, my friend, well – then – you really need to sit down and think about the negative impact this has (IS HAVING) on your overall health.

Let’s not even get into fitness, strength, “building wind”, flexibility etc – just your HEALTH.

If you can’t make 15-20 minutes daily to be “health time” – but can make plenty of time for everything else – then something is seriously, seriously WRONG.

Anyway, my own workout #2 lasted yet another 20 minutes (though I didnt time it EXACTLY as I wasn’t “as” pressed for time this time around). 100 pushups followed by a few stretches and some bridging – and I was DONE.

Thats a total of 260 odd pushups for the day, by the way. Not to mention the other things.

All done in less than 50 minutes and truth be told, every ONE of those workouts was a bull buster by themselves.

On other fronts, I’ve received quite a few inquiries from customers in mainland China where “paying via QR codes” is the order of the day.

So I goofed around with the site for a couple of hours and did finally get it all integrated – and then promptly removed what I had just enabled.

Why – because it makes things too darn complicated.

Perhaps it’s how I got it done that is making it complicated, and perhaps I’ll add in a dedicated WeChat/Alipay payment method in future (for those in mainland China).

However, and to be honest, Paypal allows mainland Chinese users to shop online with debit cards anyway – and being that’s the mode of payment I’m currently using – well – YOU GUYS have NO excuses either!

And that, my dear reader, is that for now. Be back again tomorrow!



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