Slow and steady …

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Dear reader,

Well, the title  may come as a surprise given I ALWAYS advocate “quick’n’dirty” workouts – and rightfully so, because they a) WORK and b) they don’t allow you the chance to make excuses.

The “8 minute” workout I wrote about a few days ago is a prime example of this. Busy, you say? My goodness, everyone has 8 minutes, don’t they??

And if you don’t have even THAT much time – well – a serious re-evaluation of priorities and your LIFE is in order, my friend. That’s just the bottom line.

As I’ve said many times before, health is wealth, and that old axiom DOES hold true.

And no, this is NOT about getting rich. I care not if your looking to get rich – good health is an essential component of getting the most out of LIFE itself – and even my most ardent detractors, naysayers, “gym (selfie) addicts” etc will be nodding their heads in agreement upon reading this.

So thats the “fast and furious”part, but sometimes, just sometimes, you’ll find that “slow” workouts are just the “pick me up tonic” you need after or during a brutal day.

Last night was one of these days for me. My initial workout was along the usual “45” minute lines, and and then it was time for workout #2.

Now, workout #2 as I’ve mentioned before is usually a quick’n’dirty 10-15 minute “easy” (for me) routine which keeps the blood flowing, my mind clear, and my focus ever sharpened.

But yesterday, I turned this into an half hour routine and no I wasn’t focusing upon the actual time … I was focusing more upon the actual exercises themselves.

I had a day from HELL yesterday, and so the ONLY thing I wanted to do was to focus upon the movements and my breathing – and though I do that anyway, I wanted to “slow things down”, and REALLY, REALLY focus upon said things.

Sort of like a slow, meditative version of 0 Excuses Fitness if I may say so.

As I moved through the motions, I did so fluidly – but not “ultra rapidly” if you get my drift.

The ocean waves gently lapped at the shore as opposed to the “swift” back and forth “pounding” that usually happens.

I focused on every muscle, every sinew, and every DEEP breath with EVERY movement.

And when I did get to the bridging part, I didn’t do 2-3 sets as I normally do. I did ONE giant set – but I mixed in a whole bunch of stuff in there – and I really, really, focused upon the MOVEMENT itself.

Toweled off, took a long shower, did some mental exercises (that I talk about in my various other publications available here: – Others)

A quick dinner, and off I was to bed and BOY do I feel GREAT this morning!

So thats something that I do – not often, but occasionally depending upon the situation.

Try this little tip when your ultra stressed. Try it when your having “one of those days”.  It works a hell of a lot better than the ole “beer and pizza” routine, hehe.

Let me know how it works for you!



P.S.: – Pizza is actually not as  unhealthy as it sounds IF – and only IF – the ingredients used are right. Unhealthy food is fine once in a while for a “treat”, but NOT the majority of the time.

Follow the right diet 99 percent of the time, and allow yourself an indulgence every so often and you’ll do just fine.

And as for the ideal diet – well – you can learn about it right here: –

P.S. #2 – More on the “slow and steady” part … a good exercise routine is like putting money in a piggy bank. Those little DAILY deposits add up over time, slowly and steadily … Key thing being to DO something EVERY DAY without fail!

Thats a golden tip by itself – for more, well, you know where to go –

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