The Woman who bought me a cell phone

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Dear reader,

250 squats and 200 pushups, 38:12 and counting (well, not really, hehe). But my workout ain’t the point as I take down yet another one of those wonderful “memory lanes” as I so often tend to do …

If that sort of thing bores you, feel free to skip this. If not, read on …

Many years ago, (9 to be precise) I met a woman online. I met her (curiously enough) while she was employed in the capacity of a headhunter, which I quite obviously never have had a need for.

I bade goodbye to her shortly after I “met” her, but for whatever reason, the woman and her “memory” stuck in my mind.

Maybe it was the eyes. Maybe it was the way in which she said things.

Maybe it was just the situation itself. Maybe it just happened.



Although all of the above is TRUE, they pale in comparison to the sheer ENERGY and good VIBES this lady sent out.

We got to talking, and shortly thereafter, started to “date”.

And one fine day, she showed up with a present. A gift wrapped box to be precise, and I still remember the blue wrapping around it as I tore it off, my heart racing, though NOT because of the gift itself.

Because I never in my wildest dreams thought that this girl who I “barely knew” at this point would even THINK of giving me a gift.

Remember, she earned less than a fraction of what I did. And the cellphone that she so lovingly bought for me cost her – get this – quite literally — MORE THAN AN ENTIRE month’s salary!

Her friends told her not to do it. Her “conscious mind” likely warned her against this folly.

But yet, she did it – and why?

Feeling, my friend. Thats ALL it boils down to!

I spoke to this lady last night, and the sheer FEELING PULSING through my ENTIRE BEING makes the entire 35 minute call MORE THAN WORTH it. It was around 1:15 when I finished speaking with her, and quite frankly I could have chatted all night so good were the vibes.

The specifics of “who she is” matters not. The specifics of the relationship matter not (I’ve never ever been a huge believer in MEANINGLESS titles imposed upon folks by society, much the same way I’ve never been a believer in being one of the “sheeple”, hehe).

Let me just tell you that she quite literally MOVED mountains in order to “be with me”.

She fought HELL AND HIGH WATER to “be with me”.

And she did it all because of FEELINGS!

What matters in life is feeling, my friend. NOTHING ELSE COMES EVEN REMOTELY CLOSE!

You FEEL for the next person. She’s a PERSON – a human being – and she has FEELINGS! And this is regardless of gender, btw.

And THIS FEELING, my friend, though it might sound strange is what will drive YOU onwards and upwards to heights you never thought possible – and without you even consciously trying.

Yeah, that sounds like bollocks. I know, I know.

But it’s not.

Anyway, I’m strapped for time so I’ll end this here, but in terms of not giving a “flying you know what” about “terms” (or anything else) imposed by society …

Thats what the entire 0 Fitness regime is based upon, my friend (and if you’ve made it this far, you DESERVE to know that).

No excuses. No BS. And certainly NO “rot” about what “people consider” if you do what is outlined in the program.

Yes, you’ll have folks telling you “those are just  pushups”.

“Bodyweight squats. BAH! HUMBUG!”

And thus forth.

But like I said – RESULTS speak – and the results speak for themselves in this case.

And being I’m in the “Shirley Mac Laine” mood I am in right now, who gives a “flying” goddamn hehe.

All for now!



PS – This woman in her own way also reminded me of something I speak about OFTEN – which is to give “loved ones” TIME. Yes, I need some “coaching” (or “ass kicking”, hehe) at times too – I’m human – just like you!

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