Mental clarity

Dear reader,

As I was working out today (or actually before I jumped straight into my workout, to be precise) I was contacted by someone (let’s just call her “Lady S” for now) with an interesting biz proposition that requires some deep thought.

Nothing I haven’t done before, but the specifics of the situation are a bit different here, and while I’m not (obviously) going to disclose the exact discussion, the point remains that at the time I was not actually planning on working out.

Instead I was taking a well deserved break from an approximately 14K new novel I’ve been working upon since the morning … It’ll probably end up being 25K words or more, but who knows. I’m not in the least bit interested in word counts – it’s more the THOUGHTS behind the words that count (NO pun intended!) and thats just the way it is.

I’m not even sure how many words my current fitness book is – but I DO KNOW that ALL the information contained in there is valuable, and I CAN reel off the book off the tip of my fingers as if I had committed it to mind and the same holds true for all my 30 plus novellas and most of my other writing.

Well, anyway, after this lady made me the proposition, she urged me to “please give it serious thought”, and of course, she was right.

And what better way to give it serious thought, and clear my mind of any cobwebs (though to be honest I was so charged while writing my latest novella that there were NONE there) that a tough workout.

So instead of clearing the cobwebs  I shifted focus from “creation” to “marketing and conceptualization” (YES, in that “reverse” order) and thoughts just poured forth, much like the pushups and squats themselves just “flowed”.

200 squats and 250 pushups later, I have FAR greater clarity in terms of what needs to be clarified (pun intended, hehe) before (or if) proceeding with the biz arrangement she outlined (or proposed I should say).

Let’s see how it all pans out – but for now, let me just say that DEEP BREATHING and the right workout that STRETCHES, STRENGTHENS and – again – GETS YOU TO BREATHE DEEPLY does more than just give you a great, great workout.

It does more than just burn fat, although YES, if you DO what is outlined in the book, fat and other “chubbage” WILL melt off your frame as rapidly as hot butter in a morning skillet, hehe.

The glutenous MAXIMUS of PLENTY WILL become the glutenous “minimus” of “nothingness”.

But there’s more to this, my friends. More than just the physical benefits, you’ll have greater mental clarity and focus – something which most people flat out ignore in the list of benefits, although it’s very clearly and prominently mentioned along with the rest of the results right here: – RESULTS. 

This makes no sense. Wouldn’t you want a workout that leaves you ENERGIZED – and with greater focus, and concentration so you can GET THINGS DONE?

So you CAN FOCUS – on whats important – and weed out the rest, while ACCOMPLISHING your GOALS?

This one is a no-brainer, my friend, at least for me. And it should be for you as well.

More later, but for now, the only thing I can tell you to do is to well, DO – and experience for yourself.

And watch a whole new world open up to you. One that you had never imagined possible to exist in your wildest dreams…



P.S. – Here is the book that can “unlock” your hitherto unfulfilled fitness dreams – The Book

P.S #2 – And for the DOERS already out there – and you know who you are – well, saludos, amigos!

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