Bettering yesterday’s time!

Well, YES, thats what today’s post is about!

You’ll recall I said I did my pushups and squats in approximately 35 minutes (including EVERYTHING, by the way and regular readers of the blog will know what I am referring to by “everything).

Well, got ’em ALL – and again – everything done in 29:45 minutes today (YUP, I timed myself).

And I’m feeling great – as I usually do – and how did I do this?

First off, get this, I’m “stressed for time” today (as I usually am), but even more so today so this blog post will  be a relatively short one but I – STILL – got my workout done!

Yes, I’ll say that again. I got her done no matter what – and got the SAME thing done in more than 5 minutes less.

Doesnt sound like a lot? Well, it will once you DO it – and believe me, like yesterday, the majority of this routine was made up of tough exercises (even by my standards).

How did I do it?

Hint, hint …

Ok, I’ll give you the hints –

  1. By NOT focusing upon the time.
  2. By implementing the SECOND “crazier” tip I gave you in yesterday’s post
  3. Moving quickly, and minimizing “wasted time”.

Sounds strange?

Well, perhaps but thats exactly how I accomplished what I did today.

I’m out – more later!


PS – Stay tuned for the HILL CLIMB report this evening!

P.S. #2 – My book contains detailed and “graphic” descriptions of that hill, and MANY routines you can fit into YOUR workout that incorporate HILLS –

The Book

P.S #3 – I cannot recommend hill training ENOUGH – though I never do it these days due to a variety of reasons, none of which are fitness related, YOU, my friend WILL benefit from a regular hill climb – regardless of your current fitness level!

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