A couple of POWERFUL visualizations

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Dear reader,

As most of my regular readers no doubt know by now, I visualize a lot during my workouts and also life in general. Visualization as I’ve explained in many a book already, most of which are NOT mentioned on this website,  is key to everything in life – including accomplishing success in any endeavor, be that work, relationships or fitness.

‘Tis true, and my books on the site discuss this in depth as well, specifically “From 120 kgs to 60 kgs” which is available right HERE: – From 120 – 60 KGS!

The audios accompanying that book are NOT available on that page for reasons mentioned, but I’ll be happy to send them along to those who buy it, and as those who have already bought it (and requested them) can ATTEST to.

And since we’re talking fitness here, those of you that are regular readers will know I speak about visualization and goal setting – a LOT – during my workouts as well, and you are well aware of the results as well.

Most folks have a tendency to “pooh pooh” the very mention of something as seemingly esoteric as visualization to being key to success. So be it, but bear in mind that what is seemingly unimportant is often THE VERY MOST important thing you can do for yourself, BAR NONE.

Anyhow, while I didnt set any goals during this workout, here is what I visualized while doing my “wrestler” pushups which you’ve heard so much about both in my blogs and books (and BTW this tip is not in the book or the videos – it’s only in the blog post – and it’s to REWARD you for being a regular reader of this blog) – – I visualized my body being a MISSILE on the way down – a HEAT seeking missile HEADED without FAIL to it’s target, and back to “home base” AS SOON as it hit the target.

Those of you that have done Hindu (wrestler) pushups will know what I’m talking about. Those of you that have done them and have plateaued; well, add this (and other tips I’ve mentioned in the past) into your workout and let me know how you do.

I’ll bet you’ll “blast past” your previous best (BTW – thats yet another tip right there and regular readers will know what I’m “yelling about”!).

(Those of you that haven’t – well – do ’em!  Do them in proper form tho, and the book is great, the videos are KEY to learning proper form as well – Videos)

And the second trick? Well, on every set of pushups, I simply visualized the end result of the pushup i.e me saying “no problem” after having completed the set (before I even physically began the set).

And no, that is NOT crazy though it might sound crazy. Thats actually the #1 visualization technique ALL achievers use, bar none, whether they know it or not (or whether they describe it or not).

Anyway, to finish off, it was a 150 squat and 250  pushup day, and as usual I’m buzzing – and get this – my forearms are ZINGING as well! More so than normal and yes, reverting to a bit of “non-esoteric” talk, I did do a lot of them on my fingertips, but perhaps NOT exactly how you’d imagine.

Back to the visualization though. Although I just told you you’ll likely blast past previous bests both in terms of life and exercise if you follow these tips and the others I give you (as they’re supposed to be followed), I am NOT – repeat – NOT guaranteeing miracles.

If your currently at the stage where your arms flop out after doing FIVE letter perfect REGULAR pushups (and believe you me, a lot of folks ARE at that stage) – well then – visualization alone won’t get you to 500.

It’ll help for sure though. You’ll get to 15, 20, 25 way quicker than you would if you hadn’t done what I’m saying.

And for those of you that have been doing these exercises a while, well, incorporate what I just told ya into your current routine.

Watch your reps – and “personal best numbers” – SOAR – soar as high as the proverbial eagle flying high, high, HIGH in the sky!

All for now. Back again later!



P.S. – Here is the link to the book BTW which I omitted to provide you with above – The Book


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