What a RUSH!

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Dear reader,

200 squats and 200 pushups, and the right breathing. WHAT a RUSH!

WHAT A RUSH, again, if I might repeat myself, and it wouldn’t be a stretch to say I’m in an “altered state of consciousness” right now.

I’ve got about 5 minutes to type this, by the way.

Let’s see how I do. START.

My quads are sore, and my shirt (vest) is SOAKED TO THE BONE – and this while I’ve got the air-con running at full blast, my friend.

The same was the case when Cindy took the videos for the website, and the A/C was on full blast to show you the sheer conditioning impact and effect these workouts can, do and WILL have on your body.

Can, do and will – is it a coincidence I typed those words, and in that order? I think NOT.

The videos are right here, by the way –Videos

My god, what a workout. Folks sometimes observe there are no pull-ups in my routines (though the book does have a section on it), and my response, especially after a BALLBUSTER as this one … ?

Who needs pull-ups? Seriously?

And for those that scoff at this, well, do the workouts and THEN, and only THEN get back to me.

I’ll be getting back to a new book later, and in this altered state of consciousness that I appear to be right now, here are some “parting” thoughts –

I HATE time wasters … yes, I mentioned this before, but it bears mentioning here. Time wasters equate to “no respect” for others, and I HATE THIS, as I’m sure a lot of you reading this do as well.

And I noticed that for whatever reason, when I write the letter I in “cursive”, the capital letter by the way, and write it in such a way that the top part of the letter resembles a “diamond of sorts”, most people, including most in countries where English is a native language seem not to “get it”.

Sad, but true. We’ve forgotten how to write, and we’ve certainly forgotten what “cursive” means for the most part.

Get in touch with your cursive side today, my friend – and watch your life FLOW.

Sounds crazy, but ‘tis true. And that’s me in a nutshell.

5 minutes by the clock including a few Internet checks to see why the darn website isn’t accessible.

I’m out.




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