Keep pushing, my friend. Keep STRIVING

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Dear reader,

100 squats and 252 pushups, and done in less than 26 minutes FLAT. Great, great workout, and I’m feeling on top of the world.

Which I usually always do, even if my workouts are a little shorter in some regards on some days. Today was a 100 squat day as opposed to 200, but I made up for it with the pushups, me thinks.

The topic of this post is “keep pushing”, and that in itself is a tip unto itself given that in my own not-so-humble opinion pushups are really the best exercise you can do for yourself, PERIOD.

That doesn’t mean you do nothing else. No. A balanced routine is key.

It DOES however mean that pushups should form the MAINSTAY of your fitness routine regardless of your current fitness/strength/conditioning levels or goals.

As I went through my workout, I replayed a scene that occurred many times in the past, and still does at times when I’m really pushing hard on some new work, a new product, or a new book for that matter, and it is at THESE times that you realize the road to success (which never ends by the way; there are ALWAYS new goals to be achieved regardless of what you’ve achieved in the past) can be a long and “lonely” one at times.

Yes, you read that right. Success is NOT a one stop goal in itself. You KEEP STRIVING regardless of previous accomplishments, and if you don’t – well – watch your life stagnate quicker than I can say “voila”.

Guess what though.

It’s worth it. All that constant effort is well, well, WELL WORTH IT!!!

It’s ALL worth it, and I’m not referring to the sheer JOY involved in creating a new product, or writing a new book, or whatever it is you are engaged in (and believe you me, if it is something you deeply care about, then it “don’t” matter how much time it takes or how much hard work is involved; you’ll get it done, and whats more … that hard work will NOT seem like hard work, though it IS hard work).

The above might sound strange, but ‘tis true.

And while you shut yourself out to the world, you’ll naturally hear folks complain, and those that are, or should be the closest to you will be the ones that complain the most.

“Whats the point of all this …?”

“Where are the results … (this usually said when said person has no inkling that focusing purely upon a “quick result” leads to nowhere. It’s always good to be in for the long haul).”

“You never have time to … (insert activity of choice)”

“Wah! You never have time for ME!”

And so forth, and all of this is usually well intentioned, but can sound cacophonous at the best of times, especially when your exhausted after REALLY, REALLY giving it all you’ve got in terms of a new product.

When, in other words, you are really pushing. REALLY STRIVING, really giving it your ALL!

I’m a writer, and for me “products” generally equate to books, and yesterday was one such day for me in terms of the “cacophony” I am referring to.

Yet, the key is to ignore all this. ‘Tis natural for those not in the know to complain … but when they SEE the success, believe you me, they’ll STOP complaining PRONTO.

And these same people will come back to you and CONGRATULATE you, without you even having to mention your success.

Believe me. It’s happened to me in the past many a times, and I’ve got no doubt it’ll happen in the future as well.

Key though is to approach your goals with the right mindset, and the correct visualization.

My books speak about this in depth, and I’ll be posting about it in future blog posts as well. For now though, I’m past my daily “5 minute blog writing” limit (well, not quite. I’ve got a few seconds remaining!) so it’s adios for now.

If you workout today, be sure and make it the VERY BEST!

And … keep PUSHING. KEEP STRIVING. The sky IS the limit, my friend!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – My products and books are available right HERE: – Others

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