Would you believe it?

Dear user,

I just got done with one of the best workouts of my LIFE – I kid you not, and while that might sound hard to believe given I say (and very rightfully so) that I get in GREAT, great workouts daily, today was special.

Believe it or not, and what I’m about to tell you now might just sound like it’s part of the “Ripley’s believe it or not” list, or even more outrageous.

So be it.

I should actually say “Ripley’s (or Rahul’s) believe it or NOT list for bodyweight squats”, since thats what today’s post is about.

Without further ado here goes.

Would you believe it that other than what I talk about in my book, there are other KEYS to improving your bodyweight squat beyond recognition (reps and RESULTS)?

Would you believe it if …

  • I told you that ARM movement is one of the hidden keys to great success at bodyweight squats?
  • Yes, arm movement …
    • Would you BELIEVE it if I told you – get this – that CLENCHING the fists is yet another, but way more powerful KEY here?
  • I told you that visualization is yet another key – and NO, you do NOT directly visualize doing squats or anything like it!
  • I told you that deep breathing is the #1 key to not just success at squats – but any exercise, and EVERYTHING you do in life – to achieve EVERY goal you set for yourself in life?
    • You better believe that one, given I post about it DAILY, but most folks still won’t believe it, and will “pooh pooh” it off. So be it. ‘Taint my job to convince those who “refuse to drink despite being led to the water”.
  • I told you that an isometric contraction was yet another key to success at bodyweight squats?

Well, I could go on and on, but being I did 500 squats and 252 pushups today, I think 5 is plenty on the “believe it or not” list for today.

If you want more, scan the blog … and you’ll find ’em!

Of course, there are those that’ll understand EXACTLY what I mean. Those that have been getting on the stick as it were, and those that are willing to be taught. For the rest of y’all, well …

Most people think all this is bunkum, hocus pocus, and airy fairy nonsense.

And if your one of those – well – I have THIS to say – the truth couldn’t be farther from reality, my friend.

More to the point, results speak – and you can’t argue with mine, CAN you?

Lots of folks ask me about my secret. They read the book, and ask me “how I got so fit”.

“How are you in such a great shape despite, this, that … et al”.

And yet, when I show them the results and tell them how I did it (and the book to be honest tells you, my friend), they either “brush” it off as “Oh, thats something he’s just saying. He didnt do it”.

Or, “Thats not going to work. It’s just bodyweight”.

Or, and here’s the biggest bunch of baloney “He is genetically gifted”  – and believe me, my friend – I ain’t genetically gifted whatsoever.

I’ll say it again. I’m NOT genetically gifted; if anything it’s been the exact opposite most of my life.

And so forth.

Yet, these people are usually the ones that spend big bucks on gyms, USELESS machines, treadmills, yoga classes, what have you, and yet don’t achieve their desired results, and in most cases, nothing close to it.

And yet, they refuse to be “led” despite all the reasons, evidence and proof being CLEARLY laid out in front of them.

So be it. I’m too STOKED right now to say any more, but … if your one of the few that’s willing to DO – after being shown HOW and WHY – then here it is, my friend – The Book

Conceive – BELIEVE – ACHIEVE! 



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