Clear the noggin’

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Dear reader,

I woke up this morning at 11:00 A.M. and jumped straight out of bed – right to the ole computer, hehe. Took care of some business issues, and delved into a few others, and before I knew it ’twas around 2:00 P.M. which meant it was time for a bit of a break.

Now, I could and have worked for hours at a stretch before when I’m writing books etc (some of which are not published on the 0 Excuses Fitness site, by the way) – and I’ve often made mention of writing 20,000 words at a “go” while I’m “in the zone”.

But I don’t generally recommend this for others. For most people, what I’d recommend (and what I do recommend in my soon to be released Zero to Hero book) is 60-90 minutes at a stretch, and then a BREAK – when you do either do something else – or simply “try and zone out” for a while.

And believe me, these short breaks can make a WORLD of difference to your productivity.

What I did today was something I often do during my “work” (play??) hours – which was to talk a walk outside.

And being it’s winter here – the air was CRISP and COLD – without it being too cold if you get my drift. There was a strong wind blowing, and I loved every minute of it – I took every opportunity I got to BREATHE deeply.

I focused upon each step, and simply being “connected to the world”, and yet being disconnected, if that makes nature. I should actually say “connected to nature” rather than world.

I focused on the blue (well, semi-blue) skies. I focused on my BREATHING. I focused on all the POSITIVES in my life, and as I walked, slowly and steadily, I wasn’t really heading anywhere. I was simply WALKING.

An overwhelming feeling of gratitude also came over me while I did this – general gratitude – gratitude for all the GOOD things in my life right now – and believe me, this one tip is something that will help, nay, PROPEL you towards achievement as well in all areas.

Being grateful for what we have is something most of us never do. We’re too quick to think of things we don’t have – but what about the things we do have?

I’m always amazed at the amount of negative thoughts that folks allow to “reign supreme” in their minds as opposed to other, more productive (in all ways) emotions.

Anyway, getting back to the walking – it wasn’t a fitness workout. It wasn’t an attempt to set any world records or lose weight. No, the goal was something far more important – to CLEAR the mind – clear it of those COBWEBS and “stale energy” and a slow walk combined with deep breathing done the right way is the very best way to do this, my friend!

Believe me, I was FULLY RECHARGED after about 30 minutes of SLOW walking along with the deep breathing, and this is before my workout, mind you – I can only IMAGINE how I’ll feel later on this evening!

Walking is something I highly recommend in 0 Excuses Fitness, by the way – and loyal readers know that I’ve mentioned my own personal – and 100% TRUE story in terms of how I climbed hills every day to lose weight.

That’s a fitness related example, of course. Walking can and IS a major league workout when you do it on hills and at the right cadence – and there is so much I could write on this, my friend. So much that I could literally write a new book on “Hill Walking”.

But this post isn’t about that, of course – this post is about “clearing the ole noggin”, and so, for most of ya’ll out there – here is what I’d recommend – work for no more than 60-90 minutes at a stretch.

As I state in Zero to Hero, when you work – WORK. There are no smartphones allowed – and NO other distractions. Those can wait until you finish your work.

Multi-tasking might sound “cool” – but in reality it is anything but, my friend.

And then – once you’re done – take a brief walk outside – perhaps 20-30 minutes, and simply focus on the outdoors. Focus on BREATHING – breathing in “positive” things at that – the INHALE, and EXHALE and literally FILL your lungs with each lungful of fresh air as you walk, slowly but surely.

You’ll find that this method will immediately calm you down and have an instant ENERGIZING effect on your mind, and you’ll be raring to go when you return to “work” (in my case this blog post).

Not only that, you’ll be far less stressed out than you were (if you were) before – and i today’s “harried” world – well – can’t beat that one, can ya?

After that, follow up with some squats and pushups, or even some pull-ups if you’re near the local park. You’ll be amazed at how good you feel – and how much this IMPROVES your productivity and overall ENERGY levels during the day!

And that’s all there is to it, my friend. Breathe, workout – and do things the way they were MEANT to be done – and you can’t go wrong!



P.S. – I mentioned Zero to Hero in the e-mail above – stay tuned – I plan on releasing this tomorrow – ’tis gonna be HUGE!

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