A feeling of overpowering CONFIDENCE – all day long!

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Dear Reader,

How would YOU like to go through life feeling SUPREMELY CONFIDENT – all day  long – and live a life free of tension and “worry” about “what will come next”?

Financial worries to financial freedom. Health issues to SUPERIOR health – and all the associated benefits – and all that gotten by simple home workouts that have been working for folks for CENTURIES?

Not only that – how would you LIKE to be able to not only experience, but CALL upon the feeling of “being able to run through BRICK WALLS at a moment’s notice”  and BLAST through ANY AND ALL obstacles standing in your way?

I bet you would – I sure DO!

Well, there’s several keys to all of this, my friend.

And while I can’t describe them ALL in this email, I’ll try and do justice to the TWO major ones – those being 1) your mindset and 2) your health and fitness levels.


Believe me when I say it, and trust me later my friend – the MIND is where it all starts (and no I’m not referring to “romps” here, haha, although the mind is applicable in that regard as well – more so than you’d think, hehe).

Despite what we’ve been told about life being a “chore” and “tedious”, and despite the constant reminders a lot of ya’ll probably get from friends, family etc about “putting in long hours to succeed” etc – I’m here to tell you it’s a crock, my friend.

Not only that – it’s THIS very thinking – or “subliminal programming” (since we hear it from birth, pretty much) that primes most people for FAILURE before they’re even old enough to realize it – and ALL of this usually happens without the person even knowing it – and it happens mentally – and SUBCONSCIOUSLY!

Your mind, my friend – is where it all starts – and believe it or not – your IMAGINATION holds the key to EVERYTHING you’ve accomplished thus far in life – and your current “position” in life as well.

Yes, I know – that sounds like a claim of stupendous and mind boggling proportions, but it’s true, my friend. ‘Tis all very true – and while other attributes are required in heaping measures, it’s really the mind where it all starts.

And I cover all THIS in  “Zero to Hero” – my latest publication which is finally up for sale on this site!

Ya-HOOOO – this is BIGGGGGG! Make sure to “get thee paws” on it as soon as possible – http://0excusesfitness.com/products/zero-to-hero/

Personal stories and experiences are what ring true, my friend – and this book (much like the others for that matter) documents my OWN personal stories (well, some of them) – and my OWN struggles from “zero” level to “hero” level – and back to zero – and back again.

And if I could do it – so can you. 

If you’re tired of yo-yo’ing between these two extremes, this book is a MUST READ!

If you’re tired of never getting to “hero” status – despite your “best efforts” – then this book is a MUST READ!

And if you’re one amongst the many out there who are content to “remain content with where you are in LIFE right now – but not really”, well – then – this book is for YOU as well!

And for those of you that dont believe this – well – I’ll give you a little test. The next time you do something that you’d consider to be normally stressful (for instance, a yearly evaluation at your company – or perhaps an important sales presentation) – don’t think about the actual task at hand right before you “commence” it.

No – think about a situation where you were successful in the past. Could be anything – even something as “seemingly unimportant” as “getting that girl to go on a date after months of trying” or perhaps (as in my case) closing sales willy nilly with little apparent effort at one of the companies I once worked for in the past.

Could be anything, my friend. We all have a tendency to undervalue our past accomplishments – don’t fall into this trap!

Hold that image in your mind – and recapture the FEELINGS you had during that moment as you walk into that “normally” stressful meeting.

Picture yourself mentally celebrating – and literally picture yourself AWASH in the same EUPHORIA that you felt back then – and transmute it to the current situation – and if you do this successfully, well, then – ANY and ALL stress should evaporate from your current situation which you should then handle with APLOMB and GUSTO!

And CONFIDENCE – and this mindset is the #1 key, my friend, to achieving confidence levels that last all day long.

I’ll go into this more in the book – but for now, let’s get to the #2 key – that being a healthy body.

There is no way you can separate a healthy body from SUCCESS, my friend – and there is no way you can ever attain true success without REAL health. And by real health I mean internal health as well as “what you can see externally”.

Big guns may look good, but they won’t help you “carry the lady up” several flights of stairs to your apartment if your grip is weak, my friend.

You can have the biggest legs in the world – but all comes to nought if one of your internal organs fails (and believe me, I’ve seen MANY a bodybuilder with liver issues and kidney problems from steriod abuse).

And that’s why I promote training the way I do in 0 Excuses Fitness, my friend.

Although the key goals of most people are to lose weight – and believe me, this manual will GET YOU THERE – and FAST – and also to get stronger (again, something that WILL happen – and it’ll be REAL WORLD functional strength), what you’ll really notice is the “confident” feeling you get ALL day long after doing these exercises! 

You’ll literally be able to “blast through obstacles at a minute’s notice”. You’ll literally develop an “unnatural pull to your grip” (I have, and there is no reason you shouldnt either, my friend).

And problems will just melt away when you combine the 0 Excuses Training regimen with the “Zero to Hero” mindset – and the 25 TIPS I give you in the book (each one of them in and as of themselves a GOLDEN tip, my friend).

Don’t waste a minute longer, my friend. Take action NOW – and watch your life change before your very EYES.



P.S. –  Don’t waste a second longer, my friend. Every second “procrastinated” is a second lost towards not just the LIFE of your dreams – but the  BODY AS WELL!

Grab ZERO to here right here – http://0excusesfitness.com/products/zero-to-hero/


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