My little girl’s gift

Dear reader,

Ho, ho, ho!

As we approach – nay – PLUNGE into the Christmas season, we’re all full of JOY and cheer – or we should be, at any rate.

My wife and me were deciding what gift to “hang on the tree” for our daughter yesterday, and we finally managed to come up with not one – but two solutions.

You know how it is when choosing gifts for your children, don’t you? You’ve already given them everything you can – and therefore – when you choose a new gift, you want to make sure it’s something “different”.

There’s only so many choices for gifts, my friends – and what makes a gift DIFFERENT?

What makes it SPECIAL?

It’s NOT “what the gift it” – or how much you fork out at the  local “Toys’R’Us” (after battling the long lines, hehe) for hit.

It’s certainly not about keeping up with the Jonese (ah, they gave their son that …)

And so forth.

No, what it is all about is this, my friend – FEELING, LOVE AND PASSION!

And this holds true regardless of whether your giving or gifting something to your friends, loved ones, family, or young children.

It’s the FEELING that counts – and I’ve always maintained that the BEST gift you can give your children or loved ones for that matter is NOT physical.

Its not even close to physical.

The best gift you can give your loved ones is LOVE. A warm hug and a kiss often does FAR, FAR more to make the other person happy than the latest sports car or umpteenth high heeled shoe, or “dinner out at a nice restaurant”.

Sure, there is nothing wrong with any, or all of the above – nothing at all – but the FEELING behind it is what really counts, my friend.

Feeling is #1, my friend, and heartfelt love is the BEST gift you can give your loved ones this Christmas Season.

And after that, the next best thing you can give them is the gift of lifelong strength, health, and fitness.

YES, I am plugging a product here – but guess what – with darn good reason.

I’d rather “gift” my friends and family something that HELPS them for the rest of their life – in more ways than just physical at that, and the 0 Excuses Fitness system fits the bill perfectly.

Not only that, it’ll help you shed the “holiday induced” blubber about as fast as you got it on, hehe.

So eat, drink – and be merry this holiday season – but above all – remember the TWO VERY BEST GIFTS you can give your friends and loved ones.

Amen to that, even if I say so myself!


Rahul Mookerjee

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