An espresso workout

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Dear reader,

‘Tis a cold, blustery day here in Southern China … and the first thought that comes to most people’s minds on such a day is a “warm cup of coffee” to “curl up with” under the blankets.

Along with a significant other, or others, hehe – or perhaps even a hot meal to boot.

And while that is understandable especially given the chilly nature of the weather in many parts of the world right about now (’tis really blowing out there right now – feels like the Arctic along with rain to boot – wind chill and all that …), there are far better alternatives to the above.

And alternatives that can be accomplished without cooking up a storm or going to the nearest Starbucks or latte shop, hehe.

I used to be a huge coffee drinker back in the day but no more, my friend. No more. Replaced it by another drink which is non addictive and does NOT give me a “caffiene buzz” or high but the changes that it effects in the body over a period of time are beyond comprehension, my friend.

Beyond comprehension, and such are the changes my other “feel good” alternative will effect in YOUR body too – if you are open to doing what I tell you, my friend.

And what is this alternative?

Well, simple.

An “espresso” workout – in other words a workout that leaves you panting, and feeling WARM inside – and doesn’t take forever. In fact, the majority of this workout is amazingly enough REST periods and recovery times.

I did one of these workouts on my birthday a day or so ago and believe me, I’m STILL feeling the effects.

That’s right. The espresso portion of my workout was about 10 (well, perhaps 11 tops) minutes AT MOST – and the vast majority of that was “active recovery”, so it was really a 2 or 3 minute workout if you really add up the actual “workout time”.

And this workout left me blasted my friend. Fried.Feeling like I’d been put through the grinder – in a good way.

My calves, butt and hamstrings are STILL SORE – not to mention my upper back. And my forearms STILL feel worked to the BONE.

And just so you know, it did NOT involve the following –

  • Pushups (or derivatives thereof)
  • Pull-ups (or derivatives thereof)
  • Squats
  • Bridges
  • Gymnastics
  • And so forth …

The above are all excellent exercises and WILL get you in excellent shape no doubt. Thats the reason I mention these, along with many others in my bestseller 0 Excuses Fitness and YES, they are MORE than plenty to keep the average person occupied for literally years.

That’s right – years – you could do these exercises for years, and still find new ways to progress or make improvements. Heck, I’ve been doing these for donkey’s years myself and still seem to manage to find new ways of doing them all the time …

But the espresso workouts are for the ELITE, my friend. Those who REALLY want to crank it up on a COLD, blustery winter day when most are content to “bundle up in woolens” and snuggle up in front of the fireplace with a cup of Java or what not.

None of that for this cat, hehe, and there’s a reason I use the term “cat” here.

Anyway, I’ll write more about the espresso workout later. For now though, an excellent place to start in your fitness regimen would be right here –

Go for it, bro. And guess what. You don’t even have to leave your house for this workout. You can do it right there in your living room, and that cup of “espresso” be waiting for you … but ONLY AFTER you finish your workout, hehe.

Here is that link again –

Click on over, and make 2018 the BEST ever in terms of fitness!



P.S. – By the way, the clock is a ticking, my friend. The 25% sale ends on Jan 6 sharp, so scoot on over to the products page right now and place your order while the going is GOOD, my friend – Discount code “DOUBLEWHAMMY”.

P.S #2 – I’m going to treat myself to another espresso workout tonight. Be on the lookout for a report on that as well shortly!

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