Chinese gentleman looks on in awe

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Dear reader,

I’m gonna do something a bit different for this post – something I normally never do.

Y’all (especially the regular readers) are WELL aware of my much publicized hatred for smartphones and selfies – and folks trying to pester me during my workouts – but yet – I made an exception today.

‘Twas a portly looking Chinese gentleman who was looking on awe as I pumped out pull-ups – and other secret strength builders that are detailed in the pull-ups course – and of course, I complimented it with you know what.

What you probably DON’T know though is this – all this was done as a ‘finisher’ after a 1:25 hour long workout – and that wasn’t easy by any stretch either, my friend.

What you likely won’t guess as well as that both movements that I’m going to show you here don’t really involve any “movement” at all. Can you say static holds – until the calluses literally rip and fall off? Hehe …

Pictures speak louder than words and I’ll post a couple here.

Videos speak EVEN louder but – being I was in the park and naturally did NOT have my smartphone for this part of the workout – all I got were “short” videos – pretty much because large videos apparently weren’t going over the network or something to that effect.

Certainly nothing like the videos in the 0 Excuses Fitness System where I explain everything STEP by STEP – – and yet – – not to worry, I’ll get these advanced videos done as well once Cindy gets back.

For now though – here are the pictures.

The “six” pack effect (or perhaps even 12?) that 0 Excuses Fitness WILL have on YOU should be fairly evident from the pictures.

Disclaimer – – Do NOT try this unless you’re already at an advanced level – and EVEN if you are – do NOT, I repeat, NOT try this AFTER a workout – unless you’re at a crazy enough level already, hehe.

For those that think bodyweight exercises are a joke – well – think again – or I should say, think SEVERAL times, my friend.

And think about a bazillion times after you incorporate HOLDS into your routine!

This is Gorilla Grip / Strength Volume ZERO – or should I say NEGATIVE – and yet, it would kick most people in the can to just GET into this position – let alone after a workout.

Enjoy – oh, and thank you, my friend for the “impromptu” pic/video session. Much appreciated, hehe.



P.S. – Shoulders that smack of raw power – an “unnatural pull” grip like a pair of pliers – and the look of SHEER AWE when “portly” gentlemen, bystanders and “lookie lous” look on – – who would NOT want it?

Here are the two courses that will GET YOU there, my friend –


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