Parallel grip vs regular grip pull-ups?
- I'd go with regular, but hey - take your pick!

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Dear reader,

The debate rages on, doesn’t it?

Which is better – parallel grip pull-ups – – or regular grip “military style” pull-ups?

Before I wade into this (yet again, by the way – I wrote a post on this years ago as well on my old blog) –  let me just say that I’ve heard plenty of arguments for and against both styles being the “better of the two”, but I’ve never heard anything against either style per se.

And with good reason. Both styles are GOOD – and both have their benefits.

However, at the end of the day, the regular (i.e. palms away) pull-up is by the far the KING of “pulling” movements, my friend – at least to yours truly.

Why, you ask?

Well there are plenty of reasons but the #1 reason being this is the most NATURAL style of pulling.

Think about it – when firemen carry a hose up a building – what grip do they use? Pronated, or supinated?

When you see a bar, and “hang on” (as opposed to stop and burp, hehe) – – what is the most natural way to do it?

Palms away, or palms facing ya?

I thought so, my friend – and that is but one reason.

The #2 reason is how they make you FEEL – doing SLOW, STRICT reps on the military pull-up will make you feel like you’ve conquered the world if you do ’em right – and I ain’t kidding, bro.

There’s a reason the Marines and other elite forces around the world use this sort of pull-up as their primary “to go” strength and endurance test in terms of upper body strength.

Now, does this mean the other forms are necessarily bad?

Not at all. The commando pull-up – – one which I’ve spoken about in Pull-ups – from Dud to STUD is often ignored, and is a great, great movement indeed.

As for parallel grip pull-ups, there is nothing wrong with them – and they do have their benefits, but they don’t build the grip and upper back NEAR as much as regular pull-ups do.

That doesn’t mean though that they don’t build said muscle groups at all. Wrong.

If you’re just jumping off a year-long haitus on the ole couch or car seat – THIS style of pull-up along with what I mention (as a starting point) in  the book will get you going pretty quick – and will likely seem easier.

But will it build more strength?

Not a chance, my friend. Not a chance – and does it tax the obliques more, you ask?

Well – while it may seem like it does – I don’t think so. I’ve never quite felt my midsection work like it does (while doing pull-ups) when I do ’em regular military style and that’s really the bottom line here.

A lot of the advice on how to do pull-ups out there is good – and a tremendous amount of it is BAD.

Just for the record – you do NOT either “kip” or use momentum to do a pull-up. This will make it a lot harder, and you’ll take a lot longer to get past the beginner’s stage – but when you do?

You’ll have developed an ELITE level of strength that few around the world will be able to match, my friend – and I am NOT kidding ya.

And the other thing to watch out for is either consciously or otherwise “swinging” at the bottom. This can end up happening at times if you’re not aware of what you’re doing – I actually noticed myself swinging just that little bit today after my pull-ups, and instantly corrected myself.

So there is my take on it.

And if you’re part of those that are reading this and “wistfully” wondering when you’ll get past the “5” stage in pull-ups – – not to mention 10 – – or 20 – – or more?

Well, don’t worry – there’s a great many people out there that fall in this category.

You’re not alone – and the BEST advice on how to get past that initial pull-up  – – and move on to higher reps QUICKLY is waiting for you right HERE, my friend – –

Order NOW – and get cracking – I look forward to hearing back from YOU on YOUR progress!



P.S. – Invest in this today. It’s far better with living with that “hidden ignominy” of not being able to pound out a single pull-up, my friend … You know it, and I know it. And if you still have any doubts – – think of how you’ll FEEL once you get to that ELITE level of strength.

Get started today – right now, and right HERE – –

(Edit – years later, as I read this … parallel bar pullups MAY make it easier to do pull-ups if you’re currently overweight, and can’t do regular pull-ups – but your goal should alway be, in my opinion – REGULAR PULL-UPS. Sure, if you can do the latter, work these in too – but it’s nigh easy to slip on form on these – make sure you  get the “ears” over the bars in all cases!)

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