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Dear reader,

Todays post will be of a somewhat different theme than my normal posts, but read on anyway – you might just find some more tips – or perhaps just ONE GOLDEN tip that will stand you in good stead not just training wise – but LIFE wise.

As I finished up with 200 pushups and 100 squats this afternoon, it seemed like  literally nothing to me.

Was a tough, tough workout from 0 Excuses Fitness – some of those exercises would kick the average “gym junkie” in the can if they even tried one rep – or two at best.

And quickly, at that – but as I finished off with 50 reps of the best darn exercise there is, I felt something was missing.

Nah – not  missing. I felt the need – to do MORE – though I had already done more than plenty, hehe.

And so off I went into the great ole yonder.

Now, just to let you know – it’s been a damp, dank and DARK – not to mention WET winter day. The temperature on my phone reads around 5 degree Centigrade – but the rain and wind chill makes it feel like about -10.

No worries.  Pulled on a sweat shirt over my T-shirt, laced up my shoes – and once I was past the “inquiring” stare of the lady that clears the garbage bags from my apartment building – I heard the usual “lao wai” chant – in other words, there goes the crazy man from the foreign land.

And I must admit – today’s a day where few would want to step out – let alone TRAIN – let alone do MORE after a tough, tough workout. Let alone in a pair of shorts, but hey, thats ME, hehe.

The security guards peeped at me through their windows as I headed off to the park. The look in the eyes said it all – ah, but you know what that look is, don’t you?

But as I pondered how best to bang out pull-ups on a slippery – wet – bar, I figured it was best to give it a miss for today – but I replaced it with 50 handstand pushups.

Wait a minute, I  hear you saying. Is this about your workout or a “dedicated to” thingy? Didn’t you just say “this post is somewhat different”?

Well – actually I did – and as I was banging out handstand pushups – done DIFFERENTLY from how most people do ’em – I saw a dude running on past me, umbrella in hand.

He was a guy that I often see in the park –  jogging – but doing so with an umbrella in hand – and JOGGING – UP – a mountain of all things in this sort of weather?

Now that’s sheer DEDICATION, my friend!

THAT is what I talk about in 0 Excuses Fitness when  I speak of GUMPTION – and “getting her done” no matter what!

THAT is what I refer to by 0 Excuses!

But there’s more – as that dude passed me by, I was on rep #9 of my pushups.

Come rep # 15, and I took a breather – and what do I see – but another young Chinese dude running on past me in T-shirt and shorts – in this weather – obviously out for a jog.

THAT is what I refer to by not skipping workouts unless you really, really have to!

And while I obviously had to skip the pull-ups I had planned (impossible to do ’em outdoors in the rain) – I replaced it with 50 handstand pushups instead of my usual (when  I do more) mix of the above 2 exercises.

So I still got here done – well, to the best of my ability anyway.  Couldn’t get my finishers in in terms of grip work due to the slick surface – – but all good – – my forearms feel worked to the bone anyway – – and I’ll get back to what I was about to do tonight TOMORROW!

Man oh man. My traps are screaming – without doing a single pull-up. So is my upper back, and so are my FOREARMS!

Anyway, this workout is dedicated to those of you that follow the 0 Excuses philosophy, my friend.

I’m not a fan of hoisting heavy weights – and yet – it matters not what exercise or routine you do – its the DEDICATION that matters!

It’s the MENTALITY that counts – the “git her done” no matter what SPIRIT that counts!!

Elite forces all over the world have it, as do elite athletes.

So do the few folks that train seriously, and train like they MEAN it.

And so do all of YOU “0 Excuses” DOERS – my friend – and today’s workout is dedicated to YOU!

Last – but not least – this workout is dedicated to my BROTHER – a man who I’ve written about before – and a man that has already achieved / accomplished BEYOND – above and BEYOND – what most folks could even dream of in their lifetime.

A man whose got skills that would knock the average Joe on their cans in less than a few seconds – and I’m NOT referring to physical skills alone.

A man that’s accomplished all he has – – despite being in situations that most wouldn’t even dare to dream of – – rather than FACE – – and CONQUER – – and do so with COURAGE, PRIDE and DETERMINATION – – not to mention SINGLE MINDED – – and bloody MINDED CUSSEDNESS!

The sheer EMOTION of it all – – and I’m feeling it right now as I write this post to you.

And if he’s reading this – he knows who he is – – and if he’s not – – well, he knows it anyway!

So that’s today’s dispatch. If you train today – make it a good one – and why?

Because you’re not only doing it for yourself – you’re doing it for ME – YOU – and EVERYONE else that trains HARD – and seriously!

Be one of the TRIBE, my friend – – don’t let me down!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – It takes guts to set goals – and more than that, WORK On them on a daily basis – and fitness goals are no different, my friend. And no, you do NOT have to be an elite athlete or part of the military to be a doer in this regard. In 0 Excuses Fitness, I cite many examples of me “getting her done” no matter what – – and this section of the book is WELL WORTH a read even if you aren’t into training (and if you’re not – you should be!)

What I “be yelling” about now, you might say?  Well, you’ll have to crack open the book to find out – –



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