Visualize your training

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Dear reader,

Been laid up in bed with a NASTY, NASTY case of the flu over the past couple of days – which explains the lack of posting over the last 2 or so days.

Ugggggggh.  Certainly was a nasty version, and I was pretty much “med’d” up and in bed for TWO days – and while the meds seem to have gotten rid of the worst part of the flu (or whatever it was that I came down with), by no  means did they make me feel 100% or even close to it.

This of course meant something that’s normally a huge, huge NO-NO for me – which was no training over the past couple of days.

That’s right – NOTHING at all – and this coming from the person who very vehemently advocated, and STANDS by daily training – not going to giddy  limits necessarily daily, but doing SOMETHING daily.

Unless, of course, you truly cannot – and I truly couldn’t, so I guess it was something serious indeed I was afflicted with, hehe.

Anyway, today, when I woke up – -guess that – – still not gone fully.

Still had the cough, the cold – – not as extreme as it was a couple of days ago or even yesterday, but very much there – -not to mention sore throats etc.

And no amount of medication can get rid of the nasty taste in your mouth when you take a lot of it, can it?

And so, I  made a pact – – that I’d train today. Foolish or not, good or bad, warranted, or not – – by God I’d train today, or I’d die trying.

Great idea, except when I rolled out of bed training was the LAST thing I felt like doing as I worked my way through a hasty morning routine I have.

So guess what I did to put myself into the right mindset.

Well – simple – as I’ve written about before in the 0 Excuses Fitness book – – it was to simply sit down in a chair – – and visualize – – and do so with PASSION!

I saw myself training in my “mind’s eye” – – and I saw myself FEELING – and getting better!

(There’s a reason I mentioned the word “feeling” in caps by the way – – but we’ll get into that later).

And as I did this over and over again – – or, “replayed this mental movie” over and over again in other words, it was like the flu, while still there, had ceased to matter.

‘Twas like I got a sudden boost of energy, and the willpower to DO – and do NOW!

And before I knew it was, I was bounding out outdoors (albeit bundled up, hehe) for a few finishers to my 100 squat 200 pushup workout – – and those that know me KNOW what those “finishers” involved.

Those finishers by themselves would be impossible to do for the average trainee (at least not unless they’d been trained in it for a long, LONG time) – – but why do I mention this? .

Well, simply to point out that while medication IS required at times – – you have to figure out the SOONEST possible time you can “wean yourself off the meds”, to put it in layman’s terms.

The sort of flu I had – most folks would be laid up in bed for a week or so at the bare minimum, and on doses of various medicines – – but guess what – – the “actual” recuperation once you get off these meds takes a LOT,  LOT longer.

Not only that – – sometimes it’s just best to get out in the fresh air and BREATHE – – and exercise – – but do so the RIGHT way while you’re at it!

Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale.

Repeat. Ad inifinitum.

And MOVE your body the RIGHT way while you’re doing it!

And you’ll soon see that this “natural” cure works wonders as well – – if only you’ll let it. I feel so buzzed right now that I wonder why I ever took the darn meds to begin with, hehe.

Nah – kidding. I needed ’em at the time – – and so would you in a situation like that, but if I had stayed on them for a week or so as I was told to by a certain well wishers (who by the way honestly had my best interests at heart), then I’d probably NOT get any better any time soon either.

And it’s not only the “feeling on top of the world” (albeit a beat down version of it, hehe) that I’m experiencing right now – it’s a feeling of HIGH SPIRIT, my friend – – and THAT, I suppose is what this whole post boils down to.

The exercises I teach don’t just build strength. They don’t “just condition” your body superbly.

They don’t “just make you feel on top of the world”.

No – – on top of the bazillion benefits that I’ve outlined galore in the book and sales page, and elsewhere, they give you a feeling of OVERPOWERING CONFIDENCE – – HIGH SPIRIT – – and a NEVER SAY DIE attitude!

Those in the military will know what I’m talking about when they read this. My buddy whose served 25 years in the U.S. Marine Corps certainly does – – without even reading this. Oh YES, he does, my friend. Oh YES!

And at the end of the day, THAT is who we’re all (and when I say “we” I mean serious trainees) training for, my friend.

We’re training for EACH OTHER. We’re PULLING FOR EACH OTHER!

We’re ROOTING for all the other serious trainees around the world – and we are sure as heck ROOTING – BIG TIME – for those that put their lives on the line on a daily basis to keep you and me safe at home going about our daily business.

We’re rooting for those that are down – – and genuinely need help (as opposed to “handouts”).

We’re PULLING for those that do the right thing – – and TRAIN THE RIGHT WAY (and no, ogling the babes while pretending to grunt and moan against a silly padded chest machine is NOT the right way) – – more so, those that do so with GUSTO – VIM AND VIGOR – – as if their LIFE depended upon it!

Yada, Nada, schnada.

It’s hard to explain – – but it’s a “brotherhood” kind of feeling, for lack of a better term, and THAT at the end of the day is what it’s all about, my friend.

That’s what it’s all about.

Ok – that’s it for today! I’ll end this here … and ah, wait a minute, I  hear you saying. Where’s the plug in this email?

Oh it’s there, my friend – it’s certainly there.

I mentioned the feeling of being able to BLAST THROUGH BARRIERS at a moment’s notice above (or something similar, at any rate) – – and there’s ONE exercise that will give you that feeling, my friend – – and that exercise is the one you can find right HERE – –

NO other exercise will give you this feeling – – and for those that  have gotten good at doing these – – and doing them the way I advocate – – well, you know what I mean, my BROTHERS – – and sisters, hehe (gotta make sure I include YOU as well!)

All for now – back later!



P.S. – Believe it or not, I achieved a personal best today – – not in terms of the exercise I just referred to, but the “best darn exercise there is”.

P.S. #2 – – And no, you “haven’t already seen it”, my friend. The way I teach you to do this exercise is WAY WAY different from how most people advocate or teach it – – and yet, it works you at a FAR deeper level than the regular version of the exercise. Click on over to find out NOW – –

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