I’m doing it for YOU!

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Dear reader,

Oh BOY – what a day – and what a workout it was, or turned out to be – and unlike a lot of my other notes, let me start with the “end” first.

That being – I’m doing it for YOU!  You – and who does that encompass?

Well, you – the reader, for one,  but many many others as well, and I’ll get into that below shortly (or “after” at length, hehe).

This post may end up running the length of a brook – or the size and word count of a novel, hehe. Today’s post is going to be EVEN MORE stream of consciousness than it normally is – so watch out, my friend.

So, woke up today – still not fully recovered from that nasty flu as it were – and the weather outside didn’t make it much  better.

Had a bit of a “tete – a tete” with a few folks online, but didnt really make me feel much better – pretty much because said folks were NOT really looking to feel better themselves – – they were pretty much looking to drag others down into the same quagmire of “despair” etc as well.

Not that any of that matters to me, but hey – I’m human too – and after dealing with all this, I started to feel the clouds of negativity seep over me as well.

Self doubt. Despair. Negativity – and YES – despite buzzing positively and VIBRANTLY for the vast majority  of time, yours truly is human too – and does occasionally end up feeling a “bit down” as it were.

No problemo – did some visualizations aka yesterday’s post, and the good feelings were back in full force, my friend.

And what next but a 0 Excuses Fitness workout after that, of course.

Now, I think I remember mentioning it’s been cold as heck out here “in this neck of the woods” this week.

And it’s not just the outdoors that’s cold – due to the lack of heating in most homes in Southern china (unless it’s installed per demand) – the houses can feel more like a block of ice than an actual “warm” home, hehe.

Home sweet home nonetheless, but a COLD ONE!

And as I started to do my squats, I finished off about 50 without breaking a sweat – which I wouldn’t anyway, but especially not in this weather, but it did nothing to warm me up TODAY, my friend. It’s THAT cold today.

Tried some pushups, but while the pushups themselves were going fine, I was still freezing my you know what off while doing ’em!

Not good – and that was the point I decided I’d do this workout outdoors – and finish o ff with a few toughies.

A few.  Yeah. Right. But wait. We’ll get to that part.

Before I get into the details of that, most readers know that I rarely, if ever, venture outdoors unless I need an advanced (for me) workout – and with good reason. My 0 Excuses Fitness workout does MORE than plenty to keep me in shape, and great shape at that, and it’s got plenty of exercises you can work at ALL your life, and never get bored – or truly master, for that matter.

That course – plus the FREE stuff – and the videos is available right HERE – 0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/.

Anyway, so walked on to the park, and there was a COLD, .COLD breeze flowing, my friend. O YES, it was cold – and this cold weather didn’t do much to “raise” my spirits – and even less when my nose was almost frozen after cracking off about 100 squats in front of a lake in the park.

Felt like Rudolph the red nosed reindeer at that point to be honest, but I carried on. Moved on to another spot to continue my  pushups.

Hit about 35 Hindus, and 20 “table” pushups, and started to feel a bit better –  and it was at this point that I really started to get my arse in gear, and crank out reps one after the other, willy nilly, and yet in good form.

That right there is a key tip by the way – when training in cold weather, move even quicker than you would normally.

I do NOT advocate stopping to “smell the roses” or “ogle the babes” or check your phones or any such rot anyway – but do so even less in cold weather. Your body will thank you for it – and so will your rep counts.

And after about 80 pushups – I decided it was time for some GOOD STUFF – some ADVANCED STUFF as it were!

On it was to to the pull-ups – and I was done with 20 before I knew it, and I REALLY started to feel GOOD now!

The cumulative effect of the workout was starting to hit me – hoo boy it was – big time!

And then it was onto 20 handstand “shoulders like boulders” style pushups – and as I got through these, it was like a MIRACLE happened, my friend.

The clouds parted. The skies brightened (literally so for a while) – and I think I even heard a stray bird or two sing out yonder as it were.

And the breathing intensified even more! EVEN MORE – and THIS combined with more “cumulative” effect is what was hitting me – and causing the negative feeling inside of me to dissipate as if the positive was a red hot knife cutting through BUTTER, my friend.

A smile appeared on my face as I was done with the HSPU’s. But I was NOT done with the workout – oh no, not by FAR, hehe.

Proceeded back on to the chinning station (my version of it, anyway) and cranked out 20 more pull-ups. Various styles – some that I haven’t even written about in “Pull-ups – from Dud to Stud” – and with good reason – they’re so advanced that most trainees wouldn’t be able to even get into position in one of these, let alone attempt to do ’em.

Then it was onto … you guessed it.

And after that – it was time for a backwards saunter up the hill – and then back down, with stretches galore before, after and DURING IT – not to mention ONE certain movement that I mentioned in 0 Excuses Fitness – one that is often ignored, but one that will get your ass in shape faster than you can say “voila”.

Now, those that have kept track (I did) might notice I was on rep #140 in terms of overall pushups/pull-ups. 40 of those were TOUGHIES as well.

And after all this, for whatever reason, I felt compelled to finish all this off with 60 more pushups – but NOT done all at once – and NOT the easy variants.

No – what ended up happening was another round of pull-ups and pushups – handstand pushups at that – and I ended up banging out 30 reps of each (in sets) before I finally collapsed and headed back home.

I didnt mention the grip work I did before that – hehe – but either way, today was a MAMMOTH workout, my friend.

A MAMMOTH workout – and my GOOD feelings right about now are in DIRECT proportion to the rep counts of the toughies.

And thats how it should be, my friend. Exercise the right way. Do TOUGH exercises that make you PUFF – and PESPIRE – even in biting cold weather, and you’ll soon see that negative and bad feelings can nary make an appearance near you.

And as I walked on back down the hill (backwards if that makes any sense) – various people came to mind.

People that I’m doing all this for. People like YOU, my friend and dear reader.

People that have been close to me in the past – and people that are close to me NOW.

My friends. My FAMILY – immediate family. My BROTHER (a man that’s unknowingly yet willingly done more for me “vibe wise” than anyone else I’ve encountered) – and he – YOU – know who you are, my friend.

And many others.

Hell, I’m even doing it for the naysayers – those that claim bodyweight stuff is “easy” – because they don’t know or choose not to know any better.  So there you go.

(and if you think it’s easy, I invite you for a walk out with me sometime – just a walk, mind you – and I’ll put you through a workout that’ll give you the pounding of your life WITHOUT a single pushup. I’ll wait for you to tell me that “you know it already” or that “it’s easy” after that, hehe).

The park where I train sometimes has music playing, and this music blended in with my thoughts and emotions as I finished training, and I wouldn’t be lying to say that a slight tear escaped my eye.

Whether those were tears of joy – or RAW emotion – or both I cannot say and probably never will be able to say. It was one of those ” in the moment” things that happened – and I’m all the better for it.

Anyway – it’s on to move more “boulders” now in terms of life, hehe. Gotta crack down some barriers – get some things done – and do so with VIM, VIGOR and GUSTO – in gay abandon at that at this point, hehe.

Last, but not least – it bears mentioning that while the handstand pushups were the real icing on the cake that turned my feelings around, the BEST darn exercise does it even quicker – even better – and without leaving your home.

And it does it way quicker than handstand pushups, great, great exercise though they are – and deservedly so – ever could.

And the final spanner in the works?

I haven’t even one ONE of these today.

That’s right. I normally finish off with 50 of the VERY BEST exercise there is (as my readers know) – but I did ZERO today – and yet, I’m buzzing at this level that I normally would only buzz at if I did 50 or at least a few reps of the VERY best exercise there is.

Imagine if I combine the two. Heck, I might as well go do that now after I finish what has now apparently turned into a workout treatise, hehe.

But think about this as you finish reading this post.

Wouldn’t YOU like this feeling – all day long – a feeling you can get for FREE – by simply moving your body the right way and doing the right (one right) exercise? ?

The exercise itself is the REVERSE pushup, and most people can’t even get into position to start doing the basic variant, let alone try and bang out advanced variants – and I’m not even talking about the BEST exercise there is.

Don’t be one of the “majority” here, my friend. Don’t miss out on this great vibe – this great feeling – this feeling of OVER POWERING emotion – and elation – that lasts ALL DAY LONG!

In “Reverse Pushups – the BEST DARN exercise there is” – I mention tons of variations – and each one of those is enough to have you working hard for a lifetime, my friend.

And the VERY BEST exercise there is? Well, that’s mentioned there in as well, my dear reader.

So don’t delay any longer. You can grab the course right HERE – http://0excusesfitness.com/products/pushups-reverse-pushups-the-best-darn-exercise/

Onward – upward – and BETTER!



P.S. – I’ve mentioned a couple of links above in the emails, but once you’re done with those – click on over HERE – http://0excusesfitness.com/shoulders-like-boulders/ – and find out the SECRET keys (yes, I said KEYS – not key) to building shoulders like BOULDERS, my friend.

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