Pumpers and toners – BEWARE

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Dear reader,

Woke up this morning around 7:30 and headed out for an advanced, advanced outdoors workout that’ll knock the socks off even those who claim to be (and may be to an extent) advanced trainees.

And what was that workout? Well, the upper body part of it consisted of just TWO exercises – the pull-up, and of course the HANDSTAND pushup, my friend.

And sets, reps, you ask?

Well, I did 150 all in all. 25  x 6 sets – – and I was DONE with my upper body workout — and indeed, the majority of my workout as well.

That’s 75 handstand pushups and 75 pull-ups done in the SAME workout, my friend – – and if you’re holding on to your hat in sheer bewilderment and amazement well you a) better well be, because this is REAL advanced stuff and b) you’re NOT alone in doing the same.

Though the park was fairly deserted today, there was a steady stream of people going in and out of it next to the wall I was practicing upon – – and the “oohs and ahs” and “hao li hao”s” continued unabated as I pushed through  my routine.

And guess what – though 75 handstand pushups mixed in with 75 pull-ups IS INDEED “King Kong” level, there’s more.

Oh yes – there is – the “more” is that these were ALL done in perfect form.


That means no kipping. No half ass reps on the handstand pushup – and certainly NO half ass reps on some of the advanced pull-ups I did when the regular pull-ups became too easy.

In fact, I caught myself “napping” through one of these advanced sets and ended up re-doing the whole set, such was my focus.

And guess what else – – I’m still feeling the effects of my workout HOURS later, but I’m NOT talking about the physical effects.

You’d expect me to feel sore, beat up and rundown, but the OPPOSITE is the case my friend. Though I had a hectic day ahead (just through the bulk of it as I sit here writing this to you), that by no means dissuaded me from going full bore in my workout, and with good reason.

Why, you ask? Why not take it easy?

Well – first because I fight fire with fire, and the best way to maintain my sense of “sang froid” throughout a hectic day is by having a COOL and CLEAR mind – – an AGILE and NIMBLE mind able to deal with whatever is thrown at it and come out TOPS.

And the way I accomplish that is through my workouts.

Workouts that give me that cool, calm, collected and quietly confident on top of the world feeling – – and guess what else?

It’s not just the physical my friend. That is but a tiny portion of it.

It’s the MENTAL effect of these workouts – – specifically, the workout (and others like it) that I mentioned right here I’m referring to.

The sheer mental BUZZ – – the MASSIVE BOOST OF CONFIDENCE – – and the overriding sense of QUIET, CALM confidence that only a man whose brought a gun to the knife fight can have – – these are but some of the mental effects.

Hours later, I was still replaying the HSPU’s in my head, and my day seemingly just flew by.

Look, when you do these tough workouts the way I advocate – you’ll feel the same way too.

Best part is though, it’ll come NATURALLY.

You’re NOT going to have to “struggle” to feel quietly yet supremely confident.

Better yet – – others will SENSE this quiet feeling of confidence – – this feeling of a tiger just WAITING to be roused and spring – – and will RESPECT it — and you, my friend.

You’re not going to have to grunt, moan, show off, impress the babes, flex your muscles or do any of the rubbish the pumpers and toners do at the gym.

Nope – – this is real stuff, and even if you did what is mentioned in the preceding sentence – – would you get a buzz? A real buzz? Anything even close to what I’m talking about?

No, no, and no again. The only thing that happens is the gym is the bros “pump” the muscle temporarily with some ridiculous machines and harmful exercises, and then – – POP goes the weasel as soon as they step foot out of the gym into the real world.

Such is the case with an unnatural “pump”. It does NOT last. And it sure don’t give you any superlative mental side effects either.

Other hand, the natural “high” and natural and real strength?

Well, let me just say that pumping ain’t required. That look in the eye is ALL that you need in order to command INSTANT respect from not just the pumpers and toners at the gym, but folks in general.

The seas of your life WILL start to part, my friend – – it is THAT true.

Still want more proof? Go to the local gyms and watch some of the foolishness going on in the gyms, and then – -when the  bros take one of their “century long” breaks between “hard sets”, pop off a set of 10 or so PERFECT handstand pushups.

It’ll take you but a minute or so – and once you’re done, casually walk back to your starting position.

A pall – – a hush – – will have descended, and you’ll see that look of ENVY, disbelief, and RESPECT.

And THAT combined with the CONFIDENCE is what makes all this worth it, my friend! Oh YES – – it is SO WORTH IT!

Without further ado then – – if you’re not training handstand pushups the right way (and lots of folks teach ’em the wrong way) – – then the perfect place to start is right here – – http://0excusesfitness.com/shoulders-like-boulders/

It’s either that or miss out on the benefits above.

The choice is yours, my friend – – but if I were you, I KNOW what I would do.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Almost forgot to tell you that the benefits just keep increasing in direct proportion to the gains you make on these. Shoulders like Boulders is stage #1 – – but you really want to get BOTH the courses – – both the LEVELS – – so that you can instantly morph over from “stage 1” to “stage 2” with NO delay.

Level 1 – – http://0excusesfitness.com/shoulders-like-boulders/

Level 2 – – http://0excusesfitness.com/battletank-shoulders/

I look forward to hearing back of your SUCCESS!

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