Grip training pointers

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Dear reader,

It should come as no surprise to most of you familiar with my writings that grip training is something that I not only IMMENSELY enjoy in my own training – but also prioritize with a vengeance.

And with good reason. The grip is often times the weakest (and most ignored) link in the chain – – and it seems to matter not if we’re talking bodybuilding, bodyweight enthusiasts, weightlifters, and so forth.

For whatever reason, folks get enthused by the idea of training their biceps – – but the grip? Nah – – forget about it. Maybe a half ass set of something at the end of my routine – – maybe not. And so forth.

BIG, big mistake, my friend.

Grip training is of paramount importance – – and I explain this in detail on the Gorilla Grip page, of course, but for now, let me just ask you – – when you meet someone – – what is the FIRST thing (after your appearance) that you notice about the person?

His handshake – – and his grip, of course.

That doesn’t mean you have to crush people’s hands when you meet them – quite the contrary – but the point is the grip can tell you a LOT about where a man is headed in life – the way he THINKS – and of course, the way he’s trained or done physical activity his entire life.

Anyway, I was in a conversation with one of my buddies last night, and he asked me for a few tips on grip training – as well as what exact exercises he should do in order to build the grip.

I was more than happy to oblige, and gave him a plethora of exercises to work upon – most of which are included in Gorilla Grip – – some not.

But what I’m going to talk about today, and what I exhorted – and literally begged him NOT to do is what to AVOID doing when training the grip. Aka some POINTERS on HOW to train the grip CORRECTLY!

First off, a huge mistake I see most people making is they do not use their thumbs when gripping something.

This is one of the biggest no-no’s when it comes to training the grip. Look, just hold something in your hand – I don’t care if it’s a Coke can or pull-up bar – and try gripping it first with just your fingers and then with the use of your thumb as well.

Which position allows you to exert max force and which is more “natural”?

Enough said? You were given your thumbs for a REASON my friend – and for those that say “taking away the thumbs” allows you to pile on more weight to the bar or do more reps, or what not – well – I got news for ya – your doing nothing but cheating yourself and selling yourself short for “temporary” gains as opposed to long term gains.

Why – because you’re ignoring the weakest link in the chain. Strengthen the grip – and you can not only lift – or do more – but you can do more SAFELY and under CONTROL.

Second, the usage of straps/lifting aids/what not – another mammoth NO.

Third, while the pull-up is indeed a great, great exercise to build the grip – you do pull-ups in PROPER form! You do NOT cheat. You do NOT “swing” up to the bar.

You don’t kick up to the bar – – and you certainly – – and hear me out – – DO NOT – – KIP!

I don’t care what CrossFit claims — kipping pull-ups, my friend, are one of the most useless exercises out there – – and not only that, they can be very dangerous for the average trainee.

More on that later, but these are but a few of the golden tips I gave my buddy.

There are plenty more such tips covered in my Gorilla Grip book – be sure to check it out right here – –

Last, but not least – – I also gave my buddy an exercise you can literally do anywhere – – and you need NO equipment for it  – – just something we ALL have lying around in our houses.

And it will build a bone crushing grip – – THAT is for sure.

I’ll talk more about that later – – but for now, it’s adios as I’m about to head out for my own workout.

Later, “gators” – – if you work out today – – make it an awesome one!!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Another one of my good buddies here (a retired U.S. Marine with over 25 years of service) once said and still says that I’ve got an “unnatural” pull to my grip – – and coming from someone like him whose been into physical activity all his life – THAT is indeed a compliment -and whats more it’s true. He’s not the only that’s said that by the way – – check out what another one of my customers “Alan” said about my grip right here – –

P.S. #2 – I came out with Gorilla Grip a few years ago, and it’s STILL going like hotcakes. If you haven’t grabbed your copy – – do so right now – – right HERE – –

P.PS. –  By the way, I mention in Gorilla Grip that grip training only works in conjunction with training the ENTIRE body correctly – regularly – and vigorously with the right combo of exercises. This CANNOT be emphasized enough, my friend. You CANNOT train the grip in isolation. So grab your copy of Gorilla Grip – – and then grab your copy of the 0 Excuses Fitness System right here as well so you can start building both the body and grip of your dreams – –

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