Motivation – even when you LEAST expect it

Dear reader,

Woke up feeling somewhat run down today, and despite my best efforts, this “run down” feeling has persisted throughout the day – until now (about 3:17 P.M. in China).

“Until” being the keyword – – and right about NOW – – I’m buzzing at a level so dramatically intense that I feeling waves of motivation not just running – – but gushing through me as I write this post to you.

Like I said, I’ve been somewhat run down (mentally) all day long and we all know that feeling, eh?

The “blah” feeling we sometimes get – or, to be more accurate, how most people start to feel shortly after they wake up and go through the rest of the day.

Work. Life. Back home from the office to the couch. Rinse. Repeat. Boring. And so forth.

Sound familiar?

Yeah – I thought so – and let’s be honest – even the most motivated and normally “alive” ones amongst us occasionally feel somewhat run down like I am today.

While you might think that this is the perfect place for me to “plug” my fitness products (and truth be told, it IS) – – that’s NOT what today’s post is about.

Sure, you’ll be buzzing at a way, way greater level – – feel far motivated in life – – and accomplish far more with the right breathing techniques and exercises as outlined in my pathbreaking 0 Excuses Fitness System.

But what if you are not currently (honestly – – note – – this is important) able to exercise?

I’m not referring to “feeling lazy” here.

I’m referring to other things.

Maybe you’ve been so busy yesterday that you didn’t have time to take a breather – – let alone workout – – HONESTLY busy, mind you, not “make believe busy”.

That was me yesterday, and given I had to miss the bulk of my workout, my “run down” feeling this morning doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Been busy until this afternoon as well …

Maybe you’re on a Trans-Atlantic flight (which I will be shortly). Or perhaps a “Trans Tasman” flight. Or perhaps you injured yourself. Yada, nada schnada.

Is there a way you can start to achieve the same – or HIGHER levels of mental vibration without the associated and absolutely essential physical activity?

You bet your “Betsy” there is, pal.

How, you ask?

Well – it’s simple. Visualize – – and do so intensely – – whatever it is you’d rather be doing right now as you do whatever it is you’re doing – – and watch the blues fade within a MINUTE – – or less – – simply by doing this, my friend.

Watch yourself feel “motivated” and “ready” to take on the world as I am right now – – and if you’re just starting out, 30 seconds is really all you need to make that paradigm shift.

Most people scoff at this, as they do some of my other ideas – – but truth be told, this ONE technique is so darn powerful that simply doing this the RIGHT way for about 10-15 minutes a day can make more changes in your life – – and I mean POSITIVE changes than simply “positive thinking” ever could.

Believe me now and trust me later – – it CAN quite literally take you from “Zero to Hero” status  without you even realizing it – – and I’m a prime living example of this.

That book covers visualization, as well as other powerful techniques that will enable you to LEAPFROG any and all obstacles in your life – – but again, it all starts with visualization, my friend.

And it’s a great, great resource for those that constantly experience the “blues” or are constantly unable to achieve what they want in life without major stress – or so forth (read the majority of modern day population).

You can access the resource right here – –

And believe me NOW and trust me later – – I would NOT be lying if I told you that some of the most commonly thought of “right things” to do in this regard are the WRONG ones. You’ll know more when you read the book – – but just figured I’d put it out there for ya.

Last, but not least – – what if you want MORE? What if you’re not just looking for mental motivation, but physical as well – – as well tips from someone that’s literally been there and done that (and continues to do so until this very day, unlike some of the other pot bellied “shmexperts” out there)?

Well, then you learn from the person DIRECTLY. It’s that simple.

And believe me, THAT is basically why I offer coaching services that, as promised on the coaching page will take you to the NEXT level altogether, my friend.

I don’t just give you hidden tips on fitness – – or routines – – or custom made advice.

No – – I go one step further – – and MOTIVATE you – – and give you plenty of motivational tips that will enable you to achieve not just your fitness related goals – – but also life goals depending upon what they are.

So if you’re looking to literally “leapfrog” to the next level with amazingly little “effort” – well- you know where to go.

All for now – – if you workout today – -make it the BEST ever!!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Visualization is the ignition to the car engine of your life – – but you DO NEED to “put your hands on the wheel” to STEER that Ferrari of yours, my friend. And in terms of the personal coaching I just mentioned, HERE is where the steering starts – – Click on over NOW – – I look forward to welcoming you aboard this ride! 

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