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Dear reader,

A few days ago I put out a post on grip training wherein I specifically mentioned a few tips that I gave a buddy of mine – whose interested not only in grip training, but losing weight.

I spoke to him briefly last night again, and he reiterated that he needed to strengthen his grip a lot more and I agreed – and we discussed grip training again – not quite in the same detail as we did the last time (time constraints) but I was pretty verbose regardless.

Hey – what can I say. Get me onto the topic of fitness – or grip training – and I’ll talk your ears off, hehe.

Anyway, in that note I also said there were more tips that I’d cover at a later date – and though I’m a bit “stressed for time” right now, I just HAD to drop everything and write this note to you – so important it is for me to share what I am right now.

First off, it should come as no surprise to anyone that’s been reading this site or following me that grip training is a pet passion of mine – and it is this “passionate” approach towards grip training that has allowed me to build scary levels of grip strength (especially considering my “size” – I’m certainly no giant or Hulk Hogan).

And yet – I can outgrip most of the “grip gorillas” at the local gym, and certainly most of the “bros” busy pumping and toning in the mirror, hehe.

And while the above contains perhaps the most important piece to the grip puzzle – or any puzzle in life you’re trying to solve – there’s more I want to tell you.

Something I mention AD INFINITUM in  MOST of my courses is that thick bar training is an absolute must and a starting point if you’re looking to build your grip to the max level possible.

Combine that with the other things I mentioned in the last email, and my bestselling “Gorilla Grip” – – and you’ll understand what it means to have an “unnatural pull” to your grip (even when you’re faced with folks twice your size).

(Gorilla Grip is available right HERE –

Second, grip training only works (and I  mention this in the book as well) when you combine it with a sensible OVERALL body program.

Simply sitting on your couch and doing reverse curls or grippers won’t help near as much as incorporating better exercises into a WELL BALANCED program that works the hips, legs and BACK to the BONE will.

And third – and what I want to mention here – is something that is usually always overlooked by the vast majority of trainees out there.

I mention in all my courses that you are not just to “grip” the bar (thick bar) when training ANY exercises, let alone those that are grip specific.

Don’t just hold it. Don’t just grip it.

GRIP it – REALLY grip – I  mean SQUEEZE that “sucka” as if your very life depended upon it – and do so with vim and vigor throughout your workout!

Try and CRUSH that thick bar. You won’t be able to do this, of course, but you’ll be amazed at the ferocious levels of forearm/finger strength this builds (not to mention how quickly it toughens up your ligaments and tendons).

THIS is the part that is really the “meat and potatoes” of building those iron claws – but amazingly enough, it gets ignored so often that I’m left shaking my  head when I see folks “slipping” after about the 5th rep or so.

Sure, it’s tough. Sure, maintaining that “claw” like grip and focus throughout a long workout (or what seems long) – done on thick bars – is anything but “easy” – but guess what – THAT, combined with everything else is what will really build that bone crushing grip that you desire.

And it’s not just “you” that desires it – plenty of folks want to build a bone crushing grip but are unfortunately going about it the wrong way.

Anyway, that’s the tip I wanted to share today. If you missed the earlier email, do a search on the blog – and read through – you grip fanatics out there will love it.

I’ll share more such tips via my blog posts and emails as we go along – stay tuned!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – This is yet another reason you might want to avail of my personal coaching services, my friend. Words written in black and white are often misinterpreted or ignored (albeit unwittingly) – and this can be a mistake of epic proportions that can set you back in your training (and life in general).

Avoid this by going “straight to the source” – and get personalized, “one on one” coaching advice from me that cuts straight to the meat of the matter. No B.S, no “fancy shmancy” nonsense – just stuff that flat out works – from yours truly. Been there, done that, my friend.

So can you – – and the first step is to fill out the form right HERE – –

I look forward to welcoming you onboard!

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