The best things in life are free

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Dear reader,

Woke up this morning with a sense of bonhomie and “joie de viore” (however that’s spelt, hehe) – and bounced straight outta bed, ready to begin my day – and it’ll be a BUSY day – thats for sure!

First order of the day will be tending to emails etc – then my workout – then a day long jaunt to the “Kong” (which as and of itself is a workout of sorts, hehe) – and then some more stuff to do after I return.

Fri isn’t shaping up to be any less busy either by the looks of it.

Anyway, I started my day with some simple things that I do – that take me but a minute or so of my time – but set me up for the rest of the day.

What are these?

Well, you already know ONE of them. Visualization – and seeing myself accomplish what I want to accomplish during the day is of course one.

Something I often do upon waking up in the morning is feed the fishes in the pond we have in our apartment complex. I’ll often go for a short walk also and feed the pigeons and other birds “brave” enough to fly into this concrete jungle that I live in right now in Southern China, hehe.

Small things – but again – they infuse me with this GOOD feeling – this feeling of having done something for other forms of life … and I don’t know why, but all of this combined imparts me with a double dose of enthusiasm and “vitality” – way more so than any strong espresso coffee would (not that I drink coffee anyway).

Best part – they’re all free, my friend.

And the same thing holds true for fitness and life in general.

We’ve been sold a bill of goods when it comes to fitness – and now it’s time to TAKE that bill BACK.

We’ve been told we need to buy weights – weight racks – squat stands – trap bars – and the like to develop our muscles and build strength, and yet, truth be told, while those are all options, the best muscle building tool you have is FREE – and right there with you right now – your OWN BODY.

We’ve been told we need to pound the pavement or hit the treadmill (cappucino in hand, Tee Veeeee in front, go figure, ugh)  to shed flab, but it’s NOT required. The best ways to lose flab are workouts of the sort I recommend in the 0 Excuses Fitness System – – as well as the Advanced Hill Training System (which can just as easily be ported over to land) – – and NO equipment is required.

Not only cash – but the time as well, my friend. Think about the amount of time the average person spends stuck in traffic after returning home from work – and then the time required to jump back in the car, head on to the gym, change clothes, wait for the machines to be available, yak a bit with the “bros” at the gym, and then the entire process in reverse again.

Fooeeeeyyyy. I’d rather do 15-30 minute intense workouts in my  living room – and then complement all that with some pull-ups or some roadwork if I have the time or so desire.

Makes me feel like a trillion bucks – which is what I’m feeling like right now!

So that’s today’s tip, my friend. The best things in life are free – or come at a very minimal cost indeed. Ponder that as you sip your morning coffee, afternoon latte, or “cold one” (depending upon which time zone you’re in!).


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Something else that is completely FREEEEE – and that will make you buzzz like never before if done right is deep breathing, my friend. I extoll the virtues of deep breathing in almost every post, and very deservedly so. Find out the right way to do this in the System right here – –

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