The blind … leading the wise … ?

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Dear reader,

I believe I mentioned in an earlier post about teaching “Miss Mao’s” students English last summer, eh?

Well, I believe I also wrote that I’m NOT a huge fan of how the ESL (English as a second language) industry conducts itself in China and teaching, therefore, is NOT something I enjoy doing here – unless it’s for good people and folks that I know well enough to do it for.

Anyway, one of the most amazing things about this industry in China (I don’t know about other countries, so I’ll stick to ESL in China here) is the sheer brazenness and “pomp” with which the (ostensibly) students try and “educate” the instructors.

I cannot even begin to count the number of times I’ve received utterly useless advice from students or local English teachers – a lot of it perhaps well intentioned, but ignorant nonetheless – and advice that does NOT push the students along to achieving what it was that they set out to do – and paid money for  – i.e. learning English.

Often times, it’ll be students (usually adult females) that’ll be instructing me “how to teach” when they can barely pronounce the words I’ve mentioned above. ‘Tis hilarious if you look at it in a certain way – kind of like shooting oneself in the foot – and gladly at that.

While there are many reasons behind this, one of the reasons is that ESL in China could hardly be considered teaching for the most part. An inside joke (or perhaps not) is that it’s basically a dancing bear gig – and the “fairer” the bear, the better, if you get my drift, hehe.

There are other reasons, but that’s one main reason. Might not sound nice and certainly doesn’t sound politically correct, but find me anyone with half a brain that analyzes the reality of what I said above and doesn’t agree, and I’ll be a monkey’s uncle and pig’s nephew.

Anyway, how does any of that relate to fitness, you might ask?

Well, simple.

Way too many people (NOT just in China, by the way) are too quick to “question” what the “instructor” tells them to do without actually either doing them – or doing them and THEN thinking about them.

Too many people are way too quick to jump on Internet forums and look for “advice” other than what they paid for – and then proceed to “try” to “dissect” that advice.

100 squats? Oh, that can’t possibly build my thighs and knees! Rahul, how can you tell me do 100 squats daily? The bubbas at the gym claim it’s bad for the knees, and I believe there have been studies done proving they are! (no there haven’t).

Pushups! Pah! How they could they ever build any sort of muscle? The muscle mags tell me to pound 10 kgs of creatine daily, gulp down energy bars from Mars, eat about 50 raw eggs with every meal, and pound heavy weights for at least three hours a day while posing and preening in the mirror. Oh, those pushups – they can’t possibly …

All of this, my friend, is an ultimately USELESS endeavor and doesn’t get you to any closer to your goals.

Sure, it’s one thing to think and make a decision – but it’s quite another to “dissect” that decision and waste time debating on useless topics when you’d be best served by DOING the thing – and finding out for YOURSELF.

When we learn how to swim – or ride a bike – we don’t question the instructor – do we?

No – not unless we want a gulpful of water – or fall flat on our arses.

The same thing, my friend, applies to fitness.

Question less – do more.

Don’t argue about “so and so told me the squats are bad”. Do the doggone squats and find out for yourself.

Don’t waste time worrying about “Bodybuilder XXX told me pull-ups should not be done at full extension”. Do ’em – feel the stretch in your BACK and spinal erectors – and THEN come back and tell me.

And so on and so forth.

Do – rather than question endlessly – and you’ll see yourself beginning to reap the results quicker than you ever thought possible.



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