The “pro” wrestler

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Dear Reader,

I watched a re-run of “The Wrestler” last night. It’s a 2008 movie if I’ve got it right, and Mickey Rourke in my opinion does a great, great job of portraying the once great “Randy the Ram’s” fall from stardom.

Not only that, the movie depicts a pretty realistic picture of what actually goes on behind the scenes in the dressing room. The choreographed and pre-planned outcomes. The roids (and regular trips to get said ‘roids). The “preening and posing”. And so forth.

Not to mention the catastrophic results that the abuse these guys put their bodies through (especially in the more brutal “no holds barred” matches) often result in fatal, or near fatal consequences.

In “Randy’s” case, it was a double bypass that was required – with NO further strenous activity allowed (and certainly no steroids!).

And this mirrors what goes on in the real world of pro wrestling as well. Chris Benoit, the much publicized case was but ONE of those that (in a fit of steroid induced rage and madness) not only took his own – but his family’s lives in a horrifying incident that once again started the debates on “whether or not pro wrestling should be more closely moderated and so forth”.

“Kamala”, one of the premier WWE (or was it “WWF” back then) wrestlers (or at least one of the main attractions) in the 80’s was a giant of a man that was billed as a “savage from Africa”.

And when I say giant, I don’t mean around the shoulders/chest, although he WAS built like a rock overall – but the vast “bulk”  of that weight was concentrated around the huge gut he had, and which he proudly “smacked” each and every time he made a ring appearance much to the fan’s delight.

Fast forward to today, and he not only faces a glut of serious medical problems, but has apparently also had to have both his legs amputated beneath the knee.

Anyway, none of this takes ANYTHING away from the wrestler’s work ethics. Being a pro wrestler by itself is by far one of the toughest things one can do – and I don’t mean just the wrestling or the abuse the bodies get put through.

I mean the time spent on the road. The time spent rehearsing the scripts. The late nights. The “staple guns”. And so forth.

Burning the candle at both ends, my friends – and it adds up pretty quickly.

Now, THESE guys do it as part of a show – a business – sports entertainment as they say, and none did it better than the WWE during the attitude era in the 90’s. Hell, I tuned in many a times just for the storyline as opposed to the actual “wrassling”!

But sad part is, these unnaturally bloated bodies and layers upon layers of “show” muscle are not only bad for the wrestler’s themselves, but also for a whole load of “gym bros” who either consciously or unconsciously aim towards that sort of an unnatural physique.

It’s rare to find a modern day bodybuilder that doesn’t take artificial supplements of some sort (and I’m being kind when I say that).

One of my good friends here whose into bodybuilding takes testosterone supplements. He aspires towards much the same sort of physique but as I wrote about in a prior email, taking artificial boosts of “the ole T” has more drawbacks than  benefits.

Certainly so for the average gym goer as well.

Closing note of today’s email?

Well, if you’re aiming towards heart attacks – multiple bypasses – fits of insane rage at odd and unplanned intervals – muscles that “shrink” once you stop injecting ’em – and so forth – well – feel free to continue on along the “bodybuilding” way, my friend. You’ll hear no arguments from me!

But if you’re looking to get much of the same benefits – REAL benefits – strength, endurance, and flexibility that not only lasts – as well as routines that are modeled along the SAME patterns as old time strongmen and wrestlers (not to mention the average old time guy who didn’t fall in either one of those categories) used – well – I’m right here for you.

If you fall into that latter category, click on over HERE my friend – –

It’s the best decision you can make for yourself – and if you’re part of the “former bodybuilders” crew that has decided to make a switch to sanity – all the better – it might just save your life!

Alright, my friend – I’m out for now. Be back again with more!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – And in case you think these are isolated incidents, and not applicable to your average neighborhood gym, think again. THIS page details what a (former) dedicated “booby” builder told me while attempting to swim laps in the pool – –

P.S. #2 – BTW, I’ve included a BRAND NEW ” Handstand Pushup FAQ’s” manual along with the initial book. This was NOT included before, but over the past year I’ve got a raft of inquiries on handstand pushups and I figured I’d put it together into a concise little manual to clear up any and all doubts on the matter. Grab it now – and get cracking!

P.P.S. – Oh, and by the way, if you’re of the belief you can’t develop mammoth muscles by natural means – think again. Take a gander at the Great Gama’s picture included in the 0 Excuses Fitness book, for one. Or Herschel Walker. Or, …ah, but I think you get the drift, eh? Don’t delay any longer, my friend. Set the tone right HERE –

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