The biggest problem plaguing modern day gyms

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Dear Reader,

Do you know what the biggest problem is with modern day gyms – or “modern” (“scientific”) training methods for the most part?

It isn’t the retarded, ridiculous and asinine “pump’n’ tone” routines that most gyms and personal trainers advocate over REAL training routines that actually work and build an appreciable (or more) degree of health, fitness  and strength – that lasts.

It isn’t the nonsensical bunny curls and “crunches” done on Swiss balls, yoga mats, the latest fancy gizmo from late night TV or perhaps even your recliner.

It isn’t even the “bro” culture that goes on in most modern day gyms – although that plays into what I’m about to say.

And though the injuries suffered from using utterly useless pieces of junk such as, for example, the pec deck (a prime example of a machine that only a human baboon on speed would think had any real use) or the millions of cables hanging around, or the “TRX” suspension system, or the lat pulldown (a sorry ass alternative to the real thing if even that) are real, they don’t take the #1 spot either.

Although all of this DOES rank high up in the pantheon of “biggest problems with today’s gyms and today’s training culture” – there is ONE thing that outranks ’em all, much like a 4 star General does.

What is it, you ask?

Well, it’s this, my friend – it’s that training the way most folks do – and training the way it’s done in the gyms is – quite frankly a MASSIVE, UTTER and sheer waste of precious time best utilized for other activities.

What do I mean?

Well, this morning a “Bro” that I spoke about in an earlier email or two was out there in the park with me.

I was about to start my  pull-ups – 100 of ’em, and other things as well. But for whatever reason I felt compelled to start with pull-ups today, and so I did.

I did 5 slow and strict reps, stretching ALL The muscles in my back and shoulders as I did so. Ahhh … It felt great!!

The “bro” in the meanwhile was “loosening up” by moving his arms and legs in an awkward manner somewhat akin to a stork perched on top of a skyscraper.

Suddenly, a couple of other “bros” showed up, bellies in two, and the usual backslapping, hoo -haa, and meaningless banter started.

“Did you catch the latest flick in the halls? Wow, that babe sure looked good!”

“It’s always best to wake up in the morning and exercise” (this followed by a lengthy discussion over what time was best to workout – one that culminated in three dumb-phones being pulled out to end the debate – if it ever did).

By this time I had got done with 15 pull-ups.

The other two bros spotted a couple of chicks walking in the park, and decided to make off after them. Off they went in a slow, ponderous manner of recalcitrant hippos being forced to vacate their favorite “watering spot” if you get my drift …

Our first bro starts to get “ready”.

He flexes his arms. Looks at his biceps. Stretches his chest and makes a few primal sounds.

By this time I was done with about 22 pull-ups and was doing dead hangs. 8 o r so minutes had likely elapsed.

He then cast a few furtive glances at me and jumped up to the monkey bars.

Could barely hold on, and he made an expression of sheer “effort” (not) and kicked himself up to a few quarter-ass reps on the bars before collapsing and heading straight for his towel and smartphone.

This “workout” continued for at least 20 minutes, by which time I was WELL, WELL, into my own routine – and he had probably completed like 8-10 pull-ups done in the style I mentioned.

And as I walked off to another area of the park, the two other bros showed up again …

Now, I mention all this not simply to “carp” upon that dude or even to “just rant” – but because this sort of thing is commonplace, my friend.

Folks furiously claim they have no time to workout, and yet when they do – whats the first thing they do?

You got it – they WASTE time – and oodles of it.

And of course, when you tell these same people that you can literally get a full body whoop-ass workout in LESS than 15 minutes (or even 8 minutes when you begin) – they are the first to claim otherwise.

Hmmmm…. !

In the military they teach you to pack with an economy of space. To move through the jungles with a minimum of noise – and sneak up behind the enemy before they know it. All within the blink of an eye no less.

In the 0 Excuses Fitness System I port this attitude over towards fitness, my friend.

My exercises and routines do NOT take forever – in fact, they require a MINIMAL (very so) investment of time.

My routines require NO equipment. No gadgets either.

My routines have you breathing naturally – and moving like a jungle cat from exercise to exercise – so quickly that you’re blitzed before you know it – and the fat is dripping off you nineteen to the dozen as well.

Most of all though, and again, my routines ensure you don’t WASTE time – as we all have precious little of it, my friend.

So drop the time wasting “take 10 minutes break between sets” routines that are all the rage in today’s gyms, my friend.

Drop the backslapping – at least when you’re training. Ditch the dumbphones. Resist the urge to pump, preen, pose and “tone” in front of the mirror for that perfect selfie.

All of it does NOTHING to advance you along to your goals.

Instead, train the 0 Excuses way – and get done with your workout in less than 15 minutes or more if you so choose – and then get on with the selfie clicking and life in general.

I guaran-damn-tee you – you’ll feel a heck of a lot better for doing so!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Still don’t believe me? Still don’t think you can get a ball buster of a workout in less than 15 minutes? Well, watch the 250 workout for starters – – available right HERE  – –

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