The story of the hungry caterpillar

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Dear Reader,

Well, well, well – we’ve had some great feedback in response to Marc’s very motivational story I shared the other day !

I’ll share some of the feedback here later, but suffice it to say that we’ll be hearing more good stuff from Marc “by and by” as we go on. He’s got plenty to share with y’all, and ALL of it is just as much fitness related as it is life.

Going on from that though – from gorilla grips and “gorilla like shoulders“, hehe – we go to the perhaps the exact metamorphical opposite – that being the caterpillar.

What gives, you ask? Am I coming out with “caterpillar fitness” next?

Nah – not quite as yet – but it bears saying that right about after I sent that last email out, my little girl approached me with a request.

She had a story in mind (at the age of 4 and a half – go figure, eh?) and she didn’t just “have it in mind”.

No, she wanted to put it on paper – despite not knowing the words to do so with – and unwittingly or not the story she told me (and that I wrote in CURSIVE) has a direct cross over to fitness.

In fact, and to be even more specific, it contains a very important key not just to getting fit – – but to also “avoid falling off the fitness wagon” – a key that I cover in the Simple and Effective Diet as part of the rules I lay out, but a key that is oft missed by readers.

By the way, that little manual is FREE – FREE when you invest in the 0 Excuses System as part of the package – so you may want to grab the entire “shebang” right HERE – – Believe me, it’s the best investment you can make in your health and fitness — so do so today!

And once thats done, check out my little girl’s story for yourself – – and let me know if you can find the “secret” – – it’s right there under your nose if you look!



Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – We’ll be sharing more fitness stories as we go along – – so stay tuned. And if you haven’t yet gotten yer paws on the System – which in itself is one of the MOST motivational fitness manuals you’ll EVER read – well, here is where to do it – and do it RIGHT NOW – –

P.S. #2 – Why did I write in cursive? Why not type on the ‘puter? Well, thats a tale for another time – stay tuned on that one too!

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