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Dear Reader,

As many of you know and some don’t, I make it a point to spend time with my daughter on a daily basis.

Due to school and other issues we don’t spend a “lot” of time together during the day – not what I refer to as “quality time” anyways. Sure, we do a lot of father-daughter “bonding” during the day, but quality time for me doesn’t equate to being “snuggled up in front of the boob tube with a bowl of Doritos”.

Granted, that sort of thing is important to an extent if your kids are young – – but to me, REAL quality time means this – – talking to your kid (once they get old enough) in a way that will HELP him or her more than tee vee or any idiot soap operas or “news pundits” proclaiming doom and gloom EVER could.

Believe me now and trust me later, the pundits do us more harm than we realize – and we ALLOW it on a daily basis! (those of us that watch tee vee – – I never do unless it’s something educational or National Geographic – – or Discovery, for that matter).

For me, quality time with my daughter usually equates to telling her how she can dream – dream BIG – and ACHIEVE accordingly or more!

Believe me, kids need to hear THAT more than anything else – – especially when they are young, and their minds are more open and receptive to “programming” than at other stages during their life.

My daughter’s school teacher apparently told her yesterday that the best way to spend Independence Day (we’re in India right now, and it’s Independence Day here) is to – get this – watch “India’s leader” deliver an address on the podium (or wherever).

Huh?? Are you kidding me?

That may be ONE thing to do – – but the best way?? Heck, I’d rather my daughter NEVER get interested in politics – – unless it’s one of her goals – – and I’m talking politics in ANY country for that matter.

A far better way to spend Independence Day is – – with an INDEPENDENT mind – a mind that thinks for itself – and believe me, most of us as adults could use a bit of independent thinking as well.

And that leads me to the central missive here. I know, it’s been a long build up,  but bear with me here.

Ok, so I don’t know if I mentioned it, but a few days I wrote the words “Conceive – BELIEVE – ACHIEVE!” in big bold letters on a sheet of paper and gave it to my daughter during our nightly talks.

She’s taken to it big time. Oh yes, she has!

And last night, she told me this.

“Papa, I love you”.

“Love you too, honey. Always have, and always will!”

Ok, nothing new there you might say but then I asked her “why she loves me” (just as a joke).

And pat came the answer …

“Papa, many reasons – but the main reason is – your REAL! Your NATURAL!!!”

Huh?? I couldn’t believe what my yet-to-be 5 year old was telling me.

“Say that again, honey!”

“You’re NATURAL, Papa! You’re not FAKE!”

Believe me, those were the very words that came out of her mouth!

I held her close to me, and asked her if someone had “told her to say this” , and received a resounding NO.

“My Brain told me that!” was the indignant response I got.

And believe me, THIS is the central point of today’s email!

Way too many folks not only “tailor” (either consciously or not) their REAL desires based upon their mental programming (which “others” have succeeded in inflicting) and what “the other person wants”.

This is a huge, huge mistake – of epic proportions. While it may sound “selfish”, the fact of the matter is this – you can only take care of others if you DO IT FOR YOURSELF first – and if you take care of yourself FIRST!

That’s just the bottom line – – and taking care of yourself and being true to yourself involves BEING yourself – – and being true to your desires – – and being unapologetic and unafraid to express yourself freely.

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve come across business people, students, athletes, and people from all walks of life that are not only “scared to say it like it is” – – but don’t “for fear of censure”.

Or, fear of “losing business if I offend someone”.

Or, what “my wife might think”. Or, “what my friends might say”.

And so forth.

I’ve often been told, and ’tis true, that my writing has a natural “flow” to it that carries the reader along, and truth be told, this is a skill virtually anyone can develop – if they’re bold enough to.

I call my brand of writing “fearless writing”. I’ve never been afraid to say it like it is – – and if you were to give me a choice between a billion dollars to “tone it down”  or “continue saying it like it is” – I’d laugh at you.

The choice is a no brainer for me. The LATTER!

When I made all those sales at the I.T. company I keep referring to, I didnt follow a script. I did NOT ask for advice. No, I just went out there and did it – did it my way – and did it work or what …?

When I first wrote 0 Excuses Fitness, a reader commented that it “took him by the scruff of his neck” because of how brutally frank the language was.

He said that “I might want to tone it down a bit”.  My response to this?

Fiddlesticks.  I could care LESS what others think, or losing biz amigo – so long as I’m helping people get fit – or achieve their goals – THAT is what I care about!

If those that get easily offended take offense, so be it. As “General” Michael (him of the eating lieutenants for lunch, hehe) once said “Rahul will be Rahul!” – and as my buddy from the Marines says now “You’re straight up, my brother. Thats just YOU!”.

Thats just how I am, and thats how YOU should be too!

In terms of fitness, what does this mean.

It means – – be YOU!

Your fitness goals are unique. Your fitness goals don’t have to “to get a six pack because the rest of the gym rats aspire to get one!”.

Your fitness goals don’t have to be “the ones Rahul would like!”

And so forth. Your goals are yours – and are unique – but hear me out.

You’ll achieve them with equanimity and peace of mind – only if you accept that BEING yourself and being unapologetic about the same is the way to go.

If you feel that doing 1000 squats a day will get you in the best shape of your life – and they will to be honest – well – then – just do it!

If you feel you need to spend hours working out – then do it! I was once told that “my life is working out” – and more recently, a family member told me in a “knowing sort of tone” that “you over exercise”.

Both a bunch of hooey and baloney, but even if they weren’t, so what?

That’s ME! That’s me – and thats how I like it – and that’s how I’ll do things.

And that, my friend is the core takeaway from today’s email.

I don’t care if your working out – working in an office – running your own biz, or planning to run for President (Hey, Trump did it – – and he’s a man after my own heart!) or what not – the best, very best way to go about things is to BE YOURSELF.

And to say it like it is – and then back up that talk with real action.

In other words, live life fearlessly, and let this fearless spirit exude with every step you take – every word you write – and every ACTION you undertake.

Never take a step backwards – fitness wise or otherwise – and the world shall be YOURS, my brother. There’s just no two ways around it.

So if you’re interested in getting fit – and since you’re on this list – you ARE – go on ahead and take ACTION now, my friend. Order your copy of the 0 Excuses Fitness  System – – a System that the “masses” BE raving about – – and watch a whole new world of fitness open up to  you – YOUR way!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – If you’re interested in the tale of how I made all those sales – and how YOU can too — then the “10 Commandments of Succesful Sales” is for you, my friend. And though I say “10” – I’ve actually overdelivered as usual and given you more like TWENTY sizzling tips that’ll have the cash register ringing in no time whatsoever. Grab yourself a copy right here – –

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