Brook NO compromise!

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Dear Reader,

If there’s one line that I’ve heard repeated galore, ad infinitum, and until the cows come home to ROOST (not really, hehe) it is this – “It is what it is”.

If there was ever a phrase I’d like to remove from the English language (or lexicon) along with the phrases “I can’t” – or this “it’s not possible” – it is THIS ONE!

Along with that, the world “compromise” as well needs a serious, serious relook in my own opinion.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not against compromising if the situation demands it – or “understanding ground realities” – or anything of that nature. While I’m ruled by emotion first and logic second many a times, the bottom line for me is always what is practical to do at that point in time (although funnily enough if you’re truly in tune with your inner self – your gut will lead you to that point without you even trying consciously!).

What I AM against is the usage of said terms/words – without the added caveat “for now”.

What do I mean by this?

Well, just this. While compromises and “settling for something” are all fine and dandy if thats what you want – the FACT of the matter is this – nothing great was ever accomplished via these means!

Far, FAR too often folks use the “It is what it is” line as an excuse for “accepting” their current realities – and worse – NOT taking any form of initiative to CHANGE “what currently is”.

If you were to come up and tell me this “Rahul, I’ve got a goal, but it is what it is – for NOW”, I’d pat you on the shoulder and tell you you’ve got it right.

Other hand, if you were to come to me and tell me “Hey, Rahul, I’d love to do that – but it is what it is, and I can’t, and …. (insert excuse of choice”, I’d simply smile at you and say “you’re right. You might as well not waste your time anyway – because you’ve already condemned yourself to not START – and therefore fail – by uttering those very words the way you have!”

This might sound harsh, but it’s true.

Mike Mahler, noted kettlebell coach and author of “Live Life Aggressively” – and a man who I greatly admire – not only for what he’s accomplished – but also his bare bones, to the point style – and a man who I first communicated with back in 2004 (ah, them good ole days!) has an interesting take on this via memes on his Facebook page.

Do a google around for it, and you’ll find it – and I’ll bet it makes you laugh – but here’s the thing – it’s all so TRUE!

It’s never what it is – permanently- unless and until  you LET it be so!

Similarly, on the topic of compromises – when I have a goal that is important to me – I brook ZERO interference and ZERO compromises in terms of achieving that goal. 

And what has happened to me every time I’ve had a goal that is important to me – either fitness wise or LIFE wise, I’ve always been told to “take a step back and make a compromise” (this usually followed by the typical “Yes, so and so might have done it, but he’s special, you’re not!).

I never took this attitude to heart, but over time, I’ve begun to understand just how ridiculous and shallow said words are – – and the mentalities of the people projecting their own subconscious frustrations upon others that are actually looking to achieve something of note.

When I had fitness goals in the past, funnily enough these same people who asked me to compromise would then take turns to try and “pull me down” – – with negative comments about body weight and other rubbish which wasn’t really applicable anyway – – and even more funnily, THESE same people would ask me to compromise every time I outlined my goals to them.

And that’s the main reason I NEVER speak about my goals to ANYONE these days. When it’ll happen, you’ll know. Before that, mum’s the word.

Not that these subconscious vibrations would bother me at this point – – I’m a huge believer in Napoleon Hill’s dictum of a “mind tightly closed against ALL negative influences“, but hey, the less negative you’ve gotta deal with when setting a goal – the BETTER!

Along with this, the super computer in my brain automatically spits out the following when I hear the words “it is what it is” – – “FOR NOW!”.

Moral of the story?

Well, it’s this. When you set a goal – be absolutely clear about what you WILL – and WILL NOT accept, period!

You may compromise on certain things, but WAY TOO OFTEN, what ends up happening is people compromise on the very goal they’ve set for themselves – usually due to outside influences, which is a mistake of the most colossal and grandest order!

These outside influences may be asking you to compromise, which may “make you feel better in the heat of the moment” as it were, but bottom line – it’ll be these people that drag you down the next minute as well.

And these will be the SAME people who will look at you with envy when you ACHIEVE a certain goal and say “Oh, yeah. I know he/she could do it!”

Yeah. Right. I could, but did you know?

And at that  point, you can have the last laugh – but not before, my friend. NOT before!

So that’s today’s tip. Fitness wise, remember that nothing is permanent.

You may not be able to do a single pull-up as of yet – or a single squat – but if you work at it the RIGHT way, and follow the right instructions – then you’ll get there.

Hell, you’ll get there even quicker if you forget the “It is what it is” line (or alternatively, replace it with “It is what it is – FOR NOW!” – – and use this new line as more passion to work towards your ultimate goal.

If you’re currently at beached whale status and haven’t done a pushup for years – or hit a heavy bag for years – well – you have to FOCUS and start someplace!

If you’ve got a limp fish handshake and aspire towards bonafide GORILLA GRIP status – great goal – and perfectly achievable too – provided you BROOK NO COMPROMISES in that regard!

It all boils down to what is important for you, my friend – – and fitness should be one of the very first things on that list of “whats important for me”.

So that’s that for now. I’ll be back again later. In the meanwhile, don’t forget to bang out some pushups and squats a.l.a 0 Excuses Fitness – – and if you DO work out today – – make it a great, great one!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – If I were to say “It is what it is” and “I’ll never get to a 100 plus pull-ups per workout” then guess WHAT – I never WOULD have! It’s all in the mind, my friend. As Napoleon Hill famously said, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve!”. ‘Tis so true, my brother. ‘Tis so true – – and the first step on that long road to achievement (pull-up mastery) is to grab a copy of the very course that’ll GET you there – right here – –

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