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Dear Reader,

Until about a couple of years ago or so, if you were to visit Qi Feng park in China in the middle of summer – between the hours of 930 -12 – or just about in any season, you’d see yours truly on that hill.

You wouldn’t just see me – you’d see in all sorts of weather. Rain – torrential downpours – sticky humid “jungle” heat – and even the sort of weather where it’s pouring one minute next and then it’s so hot the next minute that your wet clothes literally start to “steam”.

You’d also see that I’d focus very little on pushups – or pull-ups and so forth – during my workout.

It was mostly the HILL – the hill climb – done about four – five times in the morning, and usually another quick two in the evening before I “called it a day” – for seven days a week STRAIGHT.

Day in, day out. Month in, month out. Rain, shine, hail, sleet or snow – I’d be there, and I’d do it.

I still have a picture of me climbing during that time. My wife took one look at it and remarked, “Wow, you sure have got in shape doing nothing else other than WALKING!”

And if there ever was a testament to the power of WALKING – albeit not walking at a fast pace throughout all those hours – this is it. In fact, I had one of those wrist bands (loaned to me by a girl I knew back then) which showed the “number of steps” walked during the day – and I average about 20,000 for the duration of my WORKOUT alone.

All true facts, and MORE of the “tap tap” method that I keep talking about – and that Claude Bristol spoke about in the “Magic of Believing” – and as you can see – it works  just as well on your physical self as it does the subconscious!

But that isn’t the main point of me telling you this.

My main point is – fast forward to this January – I was having lunch (or dinner, I believe) with a friend at a restaurant, and I ordered a beer before the meal.

She took one look at me and smiled (now remember, this lady had seen me during my “big” days).

“You can order another”, she giggled.

“Another?” I responded, surprised. “Nah, one’s fine”.

“I don’t think it’ll matter to you now. Your body has changed from the inside out”.

And upon thinking about it – she was right!

Nowadays, that hill is so easy to climb for me it doesn’t even feel like a workout. Sure, I start to breathe heavily towards the very top – but just a bit – nothing compared to the “sledgehammer in chest” feeling I had all these years – and certainly nothing compared to the “Mack truck ran over me” feeling I had when I first climbed it in 2003 – all those years ago!

And the key(s) to this improvement – this literal “transformation” from the inside out is this – a) DOING the thing the RIGHT WAY , and b) As Pete Lillo once said, “frigging relentless” i.e. relentless REPETITION.

Tap, tap. Tap, tap. Tap, TAP!

Works just as well for the body as it does the mind, my friend – and it’s on that note that I’ll tell you this – you’ll literally TRANSFORM yourself – and permanently – from the inside out once you get on the System, and STAY on it.

It’ll become that much easier to STAY in shape as well once you reach that level – and as a friend on Facebook recently noted, you’ll well and truly have TRANSFORMED yourself at that point – from the inside out.

And while this is as applicable to life itself as it is fitness, this particular email is about fitness, my friend – and I’m giving you examples from my own experience to show you what is not only possible – but very PROBABLE INDEED – if you get down to brass tacks – and start “doing”!

OK – thats it for now. I’ll be back later!



P.S. – Been a busy day with the choked drains and what not – long story there! Either way, I’m off to do some pull-ups now – a workout STRAIGHT OUT of Pull-ups – from STUD – to  SUPER STUD – which you can grab right here and follow along with me –

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